UPDATE SHE HAS BEEN FOUND!! ❤️Help Bring this Baby Home: Missing Child Alert

My 15 year old daughter Gabrielle McDonald has been missing since April 27,2022. She has not had her medication and she has mental health issues along with seizures. The Dallas police department has failed me.


    1. It definitely doesn’t seem like she’s a priority. I don’t like that the mother wasn’t allowed to see the video footage. That might not even be her daughter that they saw. Let the mother identify her child as well. The BS

    2. @Shaunie B Entertainment can anyone see these strange comments popping up with websites attached. Don’t open them. It might be a virus.

  1. Out of place any additional information or audio two or more or if she is being bullied reach out to that detective or any details please Call them reach out

    1. I am hopeful the detective on the case will review the footage from the last know location.

  2. Shaunie we were tagged in the same post. I will help bring awareness as well. I’m so tired of LE not working doing their jobs.

    1. @Shaunie B Entertainment SHARED💪

  3. O M G they need to find her w/ the medical issue. What ppl fail to realize, even if she is a runaway, she still need to be found, she’s in danger. Any business w/ a heart should allow Parents to see footage. By the time LE go out to retrieve footage its already recorded over.

    1. That is what sadden me the most. They have footage of her alive and they are withholding it. Why would anyone with a heart do that?

    2. @Shaunie B Entertainment it’s not THEM so they don’t CARE!

    3. @𝐌𝐓𝐆𝐕 𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐌𝐄 𝐏𝐎𝐃𝐂𝐀𝐒𝐓🔥📣 say it again for the people in the back !

    4. @Shaunie B Entertainment is she ok and back with family

  4. What is the Dallas Police Department doing? Do they consider this fifteen year old as an ADULT because she is BLACK???? Come on. The Detective calling the mother for updates TF???? She can’t call the Detective or see video footage. Come on. This is BS. 🙏🏿 That the 15 year old is found alive and well

    1. You are preaching a word today!! Why is the detective asking her for questions. ???!

    1. That is the alarming part. Yesterday it was a sighting of her. Today no Amber alert again

  5. I am not on Instagram. Can you drop a link here with that flier and I will post on Next Door. That will reach a lot of people in the N. Dallas, Garland, Plano area.

    1. Youtube wont let me post fliers but ill put the info here.

      Update as of yesterday the teen was allegedly spotted in South Dallas. The family went to find her, but the police took forever to get there. It is being said a red car may have left the scene and it is unknown if they knew something.

      Here name is Gabrielle 15 years old.
      She needs her medicine.
      If spotted call 9-1-1 followed by 214-779-3529/214-584-4255

      detective Gatson 214-671-4267

      I am on next door app ill post the flier there also. Thank you

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