1. Today an official number of 385 missing came from MPD. No demographics reported. The governor stated previously his expectation it was in the double digits.

    1. ​@caribbeanchildkids were sent home from school prior to the fires. Where did they go? Into the ocean? They were burned to ash

    2. Today an official number of 385 missing came from MPD. No demographics reported. The governor stated previously his expectation it was in the double digits.

  1. What a mess no planning in a situation like this police and workers need to think and not be afraid to make fast decisions . To me the water the Sirens telling officers to stop traffic, sending fireman into a hopeless situation all of them were working against each other and stubborn to make some point. It was down right pathetic. The sirens, the water, preventing people from leaving, sending fireman into flames, sending children home instead of getting them to safety. Absolutely pathetic. This was more than mistakes there was points to be made on some of this. My heart goes out to all of you. I was in the Paradise fire and rebuilt a house for a 94 year old in paradise. Be really careful of big corporation attorneys. 33% take ends up being for all the attorneys. Example 64,000 ends up for you 9,000 ❤️

  2. I was ther 1mile away from fire.
    I seen it live.
    That fire went on threw the whole day and night.
    I never heard any sirens for evacuation.

    1. Today an official number of 385 missing came from MPD. No demographics reported. The governor stated previously his expectation it was in the double digits.

  3. Well, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising, considering the almost complete devastation and lack of coordination, preparation, etc. when the guy that was SUPPOSED to have been in charge says afterwards, “I’M NOT SURE WHO WAS IN CHARGE.”

  4. The only reason the US Coast Guard knew anything about the fires was when a mother in New Jersey called them to rescue her son who had jumped into the water to escape the flames. That is how people got picked up by the Coast Guard. A phone call from the East Coast.

    1. Yes!! The guy called his mom b/c he didn’t think he was going to make it & luckily told his mom exactly where he was! He was either heading to the ocean or already in the ocean! His mom not only saved her son’s life, but many others!

  5. Total Neglect for not alarming the Sirens while the fire was spotting after the Firemen stayed onsite for 5 hours after bulldozing a liner. No excuse why the alarm wasn’t sounded then to prepare people to evacuate to avoid a bottleneck of congestion on the one way out. To say they didn’t want to sound the alarm for fear of people going into the fire, should cost him his job. To not allow more water because they didn’t have permission while Lihaina burns down. He should be fired. For the Governor & the Mayor to neglect sending out Warning in time was total Neglect they both should loose their jobs. They had Five years to prepare for Emergencies after the 2018 Maui Fire. They didn’t learn a darn thing other than how to block off roads that prevented an escape route for the Citizens of Lahania, instead they made Front street a death trap. No Pumps in that Ocean to put out the flames on front street. This Government & officials are responsible for these deaths and everyone of them needs to be held accountable. Fire every personal on the planning & Operation Commitee & Emergency Agency Centre. For the Governor Josh Green to sign a Emergency Proclamation on July 18th ,just weeks prior to this fire is nothing more than a land grab for the state and Bill 127A needs to be revoked. It was one thing stealing Hawaiians land but Bill 127A has gone to far. Heads should roll over this.

  6. Government putting so much money, time, and effort into removing debris as if it’s some kind of urgent need while placing zero urgency on actually helping the people who lost everything and are struggling. $700 will only last 1 person a few days here on Maui, let alone a household of multiple people. Makes a lot of sense. SMDH

  7. I’m sorry 😢, there are not “HUNDREDS” of American men, women and children missing THERE ARE THOUSANDS!!!!!!😭❤️🙏😭❤️

  8. I’m heartbroken for these people.
    Sorry obviously they were literally cremated.
    They know that now
    It’s sacred grounds now.
    1000 people ashes are strown in that area.
    Unforgivable as far as government is concerned

  9. I live on Oahu and they are not even talking about what the hell is going on we’re are the freaking kids this is unbelievable I’m disgusted 😢we are considering moving the hell out of here lived here my whole life. One question we’re are the kids.

  10. The city council doesn’t get the right to rebuild anything even if they have passed so called laws claiming they can do so.

    Thats up to the individuals who live on those properties. The insurance companies that covered the houses need to shell out and forkout payments along with all the other people who were involved.

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