[VIDEO PROOF] Police BLOCKED Maui EXITS?! 😲 #mauifires #part10 #mauifire #help



20 Reasons why the Maui Wild Fires make 0 sense (docu-series)! Watch the rest of the shorts for more eye opening reasons to question the narrative around the fires.

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  1. why is it any official you are asked to look up to as a responsible or respectful person of authority is the last person you would trust with a key to check your house and water your plants……..

  2. It’s beyond comprehension and makes no sense.I think very its very suspicious and makes no sense. Can’t wait for it to come the truth to come why people were blocked in to there death????????

    1. @Max Optimized that’s the quote, but these people are on another level of evil. Their beliefs are death to all. And we r gods. O so they 🤔 think

    2. And the ones that get exposed have to stay quiet cause they know the level of evil these people are on. And they know that their whole family will disappear. Simple

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