Amber Alert search: Timeline of Elijah Vue’s disappearance

Amber Alert search: Timeline of Elijah Vue’s disappearance

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  1. he locked and bolted the door so was the door opened when he woke up from his dead sleep to find Elijah gone??? do we know that answer what this monster says about how Elijah got out??

  2. Thet know if they go by Jessie’s timeline. Elijah what to be a magician to get out of a door locked three different ways . Dead bolt, chain lock and door knob lock. And the room door was locked. He wants us to believe this BS . WHAT happened to Elijah happened inside the bedroom.if what he said was true..

    1. And I’m sure that poor innocent boy was terrified of him to much so to try and even dare do anything other than what he was told.

  3. This story doesn’t make sense at all. I believe Elijah probably trigger a switch in Vang, Vang then lost control and killed him and to cover up, he threw Elijah’s shoe by the dumpster and reported him missing or my second theory is that both Vang and Baur got fed up with Elijah and they murdered him and put his body somewhere and are both covering up for each other. And last, but not least, they sold the child or give it to someone until the dad comes out of jail or maybe Elijah did really got out and someone abducted him and last of all, maybe if there’s wild animals nearby then maybe it took him (which is highly unlikely) There’s just too many theories at this point…

  4. This is horrible ! This guy looks mean as hell ! God only knows what he did to this baby ! Force these monsters to tell the truth.

  5. I’m certain that much more information about poor Elijah’s “family background” will be revealed as the case proceeds toward trial. IF the case proceeds toward trial. This little boy was unfortunately born into society’s rock bottom rung to people who didn’t want him. It’s practically impossible to discuss this case in any understandable middle-class context: these people’s behaviors, addicts, undereducated, dirt poor, do not correspond to anything we learn in standard psychotherapy/social work training. They’re so far removed from that which we perceive as a cultural standard that our clinical language is utterly foreign to them: therefore useless.. Behavior modification fails because its rewards are not accessible. (Why change your behavior if there’s no carrot at the end of the stick?) What we are seeing is sadly very representative of the American underclass. It’s impossible to have any kind of intelligent discussion about the pro-choice v. pro-life arguments, because these people, never included in what is essentially a middle-class framework and analysis, will continue to have unwanted, resented children who suffer the same fate as Elijah. And their numbers are growing.

  6. Unfortunately this poor angel is already dead 😢and the mom and boyfriend are responsible for his death! 2:49

  7. Mom’s boyfriend disciplined Elijah too harshly, took his life, and is now pulling the oldest scam in the book by claiming Elijah “wandered off.” Get that man’s cell phone and track his movements over the past 48 hours. You’ll find the boy’s remains.

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