48 arrests, 8 children rescued in sex trafficking operation in San Diego

Local, state and federal authorities announced Tuesday they've arrested 48 people and rescued 8 children during an operation aimed at combating human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

'Operation Better Pathways' launched in January.

"The youngest victim rescued during this operation was 13 years old," said SDPD Chief David Nisleit."She was seen walking the street and waiting for someone to pick her up and buy sex from her. Officers rescued her and she was reunited with her family."



    1. Making prostitution legal would make things worse. What the hell are you talking about? By legalizing prostitution, more women/children will be used by those who profit off them.

    2. I believe you’re erroneously conflating two different issues. Prostitution and trafficking are two different actions.

    3. @Steph prostitution is already legal. The government just want their cut. And what children, I don’t see any in the video. They’re just street hookers in the video. For human trafficking they would have to kidnap the children and then keep them in the room otherwise they would run away if they’re allowed to roam on the street.

    4. @WestOfEarth Honestly they count escorts whos traveling to a different location as trafficked. High end independent escorts who are visiting another location to provide their services. Police ad them to the number of trafficked people so the public think its a huge issue. Those women are independent mature people who is making a great living for themselves and their families. They are NOT being trafficked!

  1. Make prostitution legal instead of making it go under ground. I agree on not having people walking around soliciting. But once it is online and in a classy mature fashion that does not hurt anyone.

    1. @Marylin Monroe I’d be happy to. Please discontinue showering us with whatever you’re showering us with. I wouldn’t want to incur any unwanted charges.

    2. @Marylin Monroe its right there in the headline, 8 children. Legalizing adult prostitution will NOT decrease the number of children that are trafficked.

  2. Change the drug laws back to where it use to be while you are at it. So there will be no drugdealers trashing this neighborhood. And teach the sex workers better marketing skills and programming so they can go online.

  3. laws that do not allow the cops to target the victims is not the problem – protecting the identities of the pimps and jons is the problem ..

    1. This is ridiculous that the PREDATORS are not shown. How do we protect AMERICA’S CHILDREN WHEN THE PREDATORS ARE BEING SHIELDED FROM BEING SEEN.

    2. @Janet there’s a young man in san diego that’s caught many sex predators – but the d.a. REFUSES to investigate or prosecute the predators ..

  4. How hard is it to walk up to someone who appears young if they’re being sex trafficked? Hello, I’m a detective. Are you being trafficked? I can help you, protect you, and reunite you with your family. Unless they caused this themselves.

    1. Most people in this business think they get in trouble so they won’t speak to police. Plus if they have a pimp etc and they are young they are even more afraid. Definitely not a good situation for those kind of people and they need help.

  5. Humanity has become more and more disgusting over the decades. Some of these victims are children that have been kidnapped/abducted and drugged and put into these situations

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