1. @Megan Grant I think it was his agents though. So when you’re an actor, you have agents to help do business, and instruct you, and basically they just do stuff for you and make sure you don’t mess up. So they get more money the more money Bruce makes

    2. @Megan Grant umm 🤔 I think he does know a little of something because Bruce has been in a lot of low budget movies lately and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see something ain’t adding up somewhere but I wish Bruce the best and the people holds the rights to him living the rest of his time happy and joyful because he’s worked hard for his family. Hope they all return the favor to him and treat him well.

    3. He should be enjoying his life and success. Absolutely pathetic family to get him earning them more money. I hope he is able to enjoy the rest of his life.

    1. Yeah, definitely! I think many people turn a blind eye to elder abuse because of these two (ridiculous) reasons:

      1. They may be seen as old-fashioned and have some offensive beliefs
      2. They’re probably gonna die soon

      Still, elder abuse is disgusting, and we should be more aware of it!

  1. Didn’t Bruce WIllis admit when he first found out that he wanted to set himself up for retirement quickly. He knew for years before going public…

    1. ​@Thee OddmentsThese idiots think they KNOW him all because he drilled a hole in an imaginary asteroid 😂👀

    2. @Thee Oddments why would it matter if he’s ward to work with? You think he deserves dementia because he’s hard to work with? Seriously?

  2. Charles you are dancing very close to a lawsuit with this hit piece. Bruce Willis announced months ago that he did all those films as a retirement fund. I’m sure his family won’t appreciate your unfounded accusations.

  3. I was under the impression it was his decision to do so many movies to make money to leave behind for himself and his family when he couldn’t work anymore.

    I mean, it is ultimately his decision to do a movie and he can always say no, right?

    1. @jack chop Nicholas Cage got deep in debt, so he basically did any film he was offered, absolute legend though and seems like he may have paid it off cuz his recent films have been better

    2. ​​@jack chop nic Cage recently paid off his Debts and now is doing movies he wants to do said so in an interview

    3. @jack chop As others said, Nick Cage was millions in debt because of poor financial decisions and needless spending.

      He also prefers to only do mostly indie movies now, which I believe he stated himself.

  4. I don’t know if you should consider it elder abuse. Put yourself in his position. You are the families primary breadwinner, and you find out that you’re going to be completely gone in only a few years. What would you do?

    Some people would choose to live out what time they have left with their loved ones, relaxing in their remaining time. Others however might decide to work their arse off and leave their family with as much money as they possibly could. You are assuming that he can’t say no or doesn’t want to do this work.

    You don’t know that. Hell, we don’t know his financial situation. Sure, he made over $100 million. But have he and his family he blown most of it? Perhaps the family isn’t doing so well financially and he decided he NEEDED to do this, especially with the likely future medical costs incurred by his condition. Hell, this may be an entirely self centred act. Maybe knows he’s blown most of his money and wanted to make enough to ensure he gets well looked after in a nice expensive nursing home.

    Long story short you don’t know the situation and neither do I, so maybe we shouldn’t be throwing around accusations like elder abuse without a shred of evidence. I’m sure his family has enough problems right now without this sort of attention.

  5. He didn’t say no to expendables 3, he said give me 4 million for 3 days work instead of 3 million and they said no and hired Harrison Ford in his place.

    1. @Charles Peralo I don’t not know about that. Johnny Depp turned down Disney— Not even a million alpacas could change his mind.

      Not everyone’s integrity has a price tag.

  6. I read that the type of dementia he has isn’t the type where you lose your memory it’s a rare type where your personality changes

    1. Regardless of what type someone has, their personality will most likely change to an extent. My best friend’s dad had dementia and was 100% more aggressive and his sense of boundaries completely broke towards the end. He never was the nicest person, but the dementia amplified all his worst traits. Dementia seems to affect people’s sense of empathy and so that’s why you’ll hear a lot of stories of unruly elders in nursing homes.

    2. From what I’ve read about it memory deterioration is still a stage of frontotemporal dementia but is much longer to take effect than more common forms of dementia like Alzheimer’s. So there is still a likelihood that he will suffer memory loss later down the line.

  7. Nope, Bruce did it for his kids. HE did it to make sure they would be ok. He knew over 2 years ago when he started noticing little issues. Do you really think Bruce Willis would ALLOW his wife to push him around?

  8. Bro, I’m sorry, but you are dead wrong about this. He’s known for years that he has this conditions & chose himself to make a ton of movies to set up a retirement fund & to make sure his family was good. They’re actually the ones taking care of him now, and his kids love him a lot. None of them are abusing him. These are totally unfounded accusations, I’m not even sure where you are getting this from? Tabloids or some sh*t?? 😒 Jesus, man…

    1. He doesn’t even mention the type of dementia he has. It’s clear he didn’t do his research just copied some wierd sht.

    1. human trafficking without sex, not just rich. everybody promoted my ex drug. dealing so they could make money off of him even when sick on drugs

  9. The suddenness of when I actually heard he had what he had honestly shocked me, my favorite movies to binge watch with my dad were Bruce Willis movies and this legitimately hurts a little.

  10. So heartbreaking. Bruce Willis has always been one of my favorite actors. The Die Hard series are my favorite action movies, and I just love Bruce in everything. No one can replace him. Such a horrific problem he’s dealing with. I hate it so much.

  11. Elder abuse is a real thing and it’s horrible that often the closest loved ones are the abusers. In this situation though, Bruce already knew about his condition and wanted to make as much money as he could for his family while he could. Now his family is taking care of him. Don’t know what your is for saying he was a victim of elder abuse.

  12. I heard he chose freely to do all those easy payday crap movies once he knew his career was on borrowed time. Practically all of those movies look and play like they were filmed in weekend with minimal takes and ad libed scripts; which was most likely ideal for him at that stage of his condition. This vid is the first I’ve heard saying otherwise.

  13. Clarification: Aphasia is not a disease. It is a symptom of a numerological change such as TBI, stroke, or Alzheimer’s. Aphasia can be expressive or receptive. Aphasia is treatable and can improve with language therapy. It is not degenerative in and of itself. Outcomes are best the following months or year after a TBI or stroke.

    1. I love how you edited this at least once, but still left in numerological and that extra space between the second “it is” 😂

  14. This is absolute bullshit. He stated in the interview three years ago that he wanted to give us fans as many movies as he could before his time came. It was his choice.

  15. I think what’s going on with Bruce is truly heartbreaking, but I do not see it as abuse. I see it as him making sure his young kids are set while he still could. He had to have known his brain was failing him. Had to see something was just “off”.

    He sees his doc and specialists and finds out he has the dysphasia. And he’s thinking “F**K!” And this has him agreeing to EVERY job he can take where he works one or two days but part time, for a lot of money, so he can put it in the bank for his kids. He is not just married to a younger wife. He has two daughters 11 and 9 years old. They aren’t like his older girls who can just get a job.

    And yes his wife could get a job but I imagine she is busy caring for him and the girls. Plus her claim to fame was modeling and she’s in her 40’s now so she’s kind of out of prime modeling years.

  16. My grandfather worked till he was 88 and broke his back for the second time. Died at 89. Loved his work and his wife and kids. No one ever said elder abuse once.

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