1. Sophie is trying to eat a fiber optic tree. why sophie? WHY??

    This stuff is really hard to cover sometimes on a personal emotional level.

    I have been ad restricted on stories like this unfortunately.

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  2. These two are monsters and they have been being called out for several years.. it’s sad it has taken this long and I can only hope something is done to compensate the victim(s) and make it worse for tech companies to allow this material to continue.

  3. It sucks that you have to talk about this kind of heinous stuff. This shouldn’t exist and these people need to be locked away.

  4. Wood chipper go brrrrrrrrrr… daaaang Chris Hansen looking rough nowadays. Must be from dealing with all these depraved cases.

  5. You got a very good Radio Voice, you would’ve made a great Radio Talkshow host in the olden days of 1990 to 2010. Now we’er in the future, your voice would be and is excellent for podcastting and long form essays like this.

  6. Atrocious is the word to describe this situation, I am glad that it’s finally getting handled, let’s just hope the victims get proper compensation, it’s disgusting just how many of these playground fans are being exposed, makes you think just how many more are lurking in the shadows and we have no idea about it.

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