Father Scrolls Through Memes to Find His Missing Child

After His 16-year-old daughter goes missing, David decides to search the one place no one has looked yet: his daughter's laptop.

Movie name = check first 10 seconds of the video.


  1. My favorite part was when her father told the police margot could still be alive even after a week of being missing because it just rained, and she could’ve survived from that.

    1. @Elias Ziad I’m asian and I have an english second name. Don’t assume that every Asian is of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. decent where names work differently.

    1. The detective on the film is hiding the truth about her son that he is the reason for margot missing.

  2. I mean if you imagine yourself in his shoes, many fathers would do the same for their daughters. Just saying.

    1. @Kopie so this is the place to talk about your shitty family? A video about a man doing good but you wanna be negative and bring up your male family members?

    2. The Sad Truth is some Fathers Won’t even Text, Call or Acknowledge their Children… That’s Why I Respect & Appreciate Dads Who Genuinely Love their Kids it’s a Beautiful Thing it Really is…

    3. now days wont be possible cus way more security but atleast they dont get catfished as much now..

  3. I’m shocked to see a movie portraying the internet and some of its most popular websites so accurately. Even the way that the son found his profile pic for his catfish account was accurate. I just wish moviemakers wouldn’t act like clueless boomers when including the usage of the internet in their films.

    1. @Luftwaffle No, it’s like saying the Wright brothers knew more about planes than airline passengers today (which is definitely true). They were comparing engineers to consumers, not engineers to engineers.

  4. It’s really sad how people thought that the Margot’s dad was the bad guy even though he’s trying VERY hard to find his daughter…

  5. This was a great video and I’m glad that it had a happy ending for Margot and her dad, I feel bad for the innocent guy that used to work with the “detective”

  6. its really realistic how when the case goes viral, it only makes finding it worse. as people just beat up the father or just say the case is false. this is what the internet truly is.

  7. when u know the final twist, it’s scary to know that had he emailed the detective about his suspicions he had on his brother, the detective could have pinned the murder on him, but luckily he didn’t send the email

  8. Fun Fact: This movie was supposed to just be a 7 minute long short film, but the concept/ story was so good they made it into a movie.

  9. I like how the father is just calm and trying his best to find his only daughter..He’s literally smarter than the detective who tried finding his daughter.

    1. @Chae. Yea Ik that. The original comment is about how “he’s literally smarter than the detective”, which is not true. We haven’t seen enough of the detective’s real work to find out how smart she is, and given the movie, there’s no way to tell he’s smarter.

    2. except he wasn’t the detective knew everything and knew exactly where his daughter was. she just didn’t say anything because she was covering for her son and was trying to hide the evidence

  10. Whoa! That’s deep. Honestly, it’s hard for parents and teens to fully connect WITHOUT tragedy let alone with. This movie shows that even when a kid may think that their parents don’t know them that they could be right. Parents are only human and sometimes when their kids push then they step back and sometimes they just trust their kids without pushing for more details. As an adult, it would be nice if they took the lead in fostering a better relationship but sometimes they don’t know how. They can be just as confused about life in general as their kid. Sometimes kids need to be honest with their parents and tell them what’s needed.

    This movie shows that when a teen thinks their parents don’t know them and can’t understand them that they might be right. However, if the kid thinks the parents don’t love them then they’re probably wrong! This shows a dad being fully involved to make sure his daughter is found safely

  11. I’ve watched this when I was in high school and yes… it was so sad! A mother figure is so important (both actually) and what Pam did saving her daughter’s friends’ numbers and recipes is the same as what my mom did.. and I always thought that she was too overprotective of me :”

  12. This is just sad and heartbreaking this man tried all he could to find his daughter huge respect to him what a sweet guy I feel bad for him

  13. I cannot believe how determined he is to find his daughter and how far he will go to find her. We have underestimated fathers and usually congratulate mothers. Fathers most valued thing in their lives are their family and he was beyond that.

    1. huh you cannot believe it? shouldnt every father who loves her daughter do the same thing?

    2. @Ayanna:) he said he’s shocked how determined the father was and I responded to watch actual crime stories and parents, INCLUDING THE FATHER, are extremely determined to find their kids. How slow can you be?

    3. Well, that’s not actually true a lot of the time. Many fathers are not present for their children. They farm out the children rearing on the mother.

  14. I really like movies like these. This movie format is rare and even rarer to find movies that actually utilize this format well, but this is one of those movies that pulls it off perfectly. For me, it makes the entire film seem much more realistic and I felt so much more immersed in it. Also great recap!

  15. The “Your mom would be too” was beautiful closure that brought me to tears. One of the best stories I’ve had the fortune to experience.

  16. One of the reasons why I love this film isn’t just because it’s interesting, it’s because it’s realistic. The media suspecting the dad even though he’s innocent and just wants to find his daughter, her “friends” filming themselves just for clout, etc.

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