Hope for human artists against A.I. Exploitation (Lecture 6/6)

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  1. Thanks a lot 🙇‍♂ for this series. We have to have protect the things that gives our life meaning, It all started with cave paintings.. and I just don’t want people to lose that small amount of capacity to create, sticks and a wall, pencil and a paper, pen and a tablet, it always has been a blank canvas for all of us..but that doesn’t create hopelessness, a canvas without a pen is life without a fighting chance, but a pen is the power to create something out of nothing, losing that is putting yourself in a position where you’ll lose purpose, value and meaning in life. Most tech that has given us good also put humans in a state where we all started feeling life a bit less everyday. If you long for the old and the grand, then you have to realize why they were considered as such, what was it that made it great? For me is how much they add onto a work of art. There’s a fine line when A.I. is considered as a tool .. being how much control do you have over what you make? If its lower then are you even making the art anymore? is it even ‘yours’ to claim?

  2. great series, I think this covers a lot of ground. A lot of people watching this series right now are artists that are already against AI, but to make the most impact, we need to share these lectures with people we know who may not understand the art industry/art space and/or how AI works.

    On a side note, whenever I see a very good piece of artwork, my first question is always “who’s the artist?”, so that I can follow their work. AI artists can’t answer that question.

    1. an average ai bro would answer with some deluded thing about how he was “engineering” and “tinkering” that prompt, and how it helped him to surpass “luddits and non-believers” (just as if prompting would be some kind of ritual, and an ai “community” would be a cult lol)

    2. @Sanjay the way I think about it is, people have different perspectives on what value is.

      Some value the artist, and in that case, the AI would be useless in their eyes.

      Others need something done but don’t care about how it’s done, they just want it done, so, they go to the AI. But of course, the piece becomes less special.

      Likewise, if the client needs something vague done – they go to an AI
      If they want something specific, they’d need a human.

      AI does not make me appreciate real artists more, my appreciation for them has stayed the same. – maybe that would be the case with people who aren’t into art like artists are, and they would notice something in human made artwork that AI can’t replicate, increasing the appreciation for it.

      Unfortunately, I’ve only observed the opposite, most people embrace AI art, and so we need to stop it – atleast as long as the algorithms are based in art theft.

  3. Excellent series on the topic, thanks for standing up for artists. If nothing is done about all of this massive non-consensual datascraping, it will just be setting a precedent that will bleed into every other industry, as these companies will definitely not stop at art.

    Most of the pro-AI people try to discourage artists from doing anything, saying it is like “horse riders protesting cars” (or some other idiotic comparison that doesn’t make any sense, because the car isn’t built off the backs of millions of peoples’ work). Seemingly they hoped that artists would let themselves get quietly replaced and have the art industry destroyed so that they can feed their nasty addiction to instant-gratification.

    It is great to see artists standing up for themselves like the artstation protest, recent lawsuit that was filed, and of course people spreading awareness by creating videos. Thank you.

  4. This series is very important. Honestly it even helps just knowing others are so passionate about this issue.

  5. We need to push for legislation that requires all AI to be trained on public domain images or explicitly get a license from the creator to use it as such. And also require them to publish their image sets for the sake of legality and transparency. It won’t stop stock image websites from SELLING bulk image libraries and there will still be exploitation going on (as there always is) but at least it will be far more legal exploitation.

    1. absolutely. Artists need to stop giving up before the fight has even gotten into full swing. If you really live for art and creativity then you should fight for this with everything you have. Don’t conserve your energy for a later date. Everything we have is at stake right here and now.

    2. If I may play the.. other side’s advocate for a brief moment…
      Don’t you feel like there’s waaaaaay more than enough public images out there on platforms such as deviantArt, Artstation, all sorts of stocks etc
      We all trained our skills on those images.
      I know I have.
      Why wouldn’t those same images then be used to improve a tool that would make our work as artists easier and more productive?

      Happy to hear your thoughts

    3. When there are covers for music why is covering others Art wrong? Why shouldn’t ai be allowed to cover art? Why do we have to call it stealing? In music we need no license to do so.

  6. I’d say that A.I. has its usefulness, but creating art? That’s straight-up THEFT of someone’s artwork and years of commitment to creation. It’s like me asking it to re-create the whole youtube platform because it can do it, and don’t expect any kind of repercussions for it. Does that make any sense at all? 🤨

    I mean, this shouldn’t even be up for discussion. 🤷‍♂

  7. This is incredibly helpful to keep me feeling hopeful despite being reminded how hard things can get, and given the lawsuits that’s finally going around. Not to mention how this explains the frustration and already Microsoft is an example of replacing professional for Ai in the gaming industry, 343i is among those.
    I’ll never know what Shad explains of what he means stop the lies on AI is stolen art. Just seeing that title alone to seeing prompters using his video as an example of using/exploiting art to generate fringed images.

  8. Great series and well said. Thank you for putting this together. This is the first discussion that articulates what I am thinking and feeling

  9. You echoed my sentiments about AI art. It has already become much of a fad and although the images can be technically awesome it lost its uniqueness already. A human being creates from emotion. There are stories that the artist will tell when displaying their drawings, paintings, animations and symphonies. AI looks good but it lacks emotion. I think it’s a great tool if used within that context but we know once something is created it is no longer contained. No matter where it goes you have to view it like you would if you were sitting alongside Kim Jung Ji and Norman Rockwell. No matter how good they are you will always have those who love what YOU do because only you can create what you have experienced.

  10. Great run down. Gotta say man, the quality of content that you share with the world for free is gold. Taking a moral stand against harmful tech developments is no easy feat, bravo. Most people don’t want to open their mouths against “progress”, we are all just expected to shut up and take it for better or for worse and to revel in the glory of obscene and grotesque novelty such as AI art, despite the real consequences. Data sovereignty is a massive global humanitarian issue right now and artists are now well wrapped up in that issue.
    Anyhoo, thanks for all the great work you do, as always. This Friday is my 34th birthday – I’m going to give myself the gift of your Getting Started animation course. Not just because I want to learn animation but also because you’re a creator who I am happy to support (I have standards). Take my money lol keep doing your thing fulla.

  11. Thanks … really helpful…keep us on the watch…

    Please can you do a tutorial on how you colour your animation?… please
    I’d love to learn

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