How to abuse the FROST BUG Elder Scrolls Blades


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  1. That’s not a bug in ACTUAL elder scrolls games .it interrupts actions mid combat if used properly. Once again …not a bug …they just forgot to remove it for ESO . Cheers .

    1. I remember that being a passive skill you had to unlock in ESO, not being a part of the ability. Perhaps in the older games…in any case, if all conditions did that, then it would be balanced. Thanks for sharing my friend! Cheers back at ya!

  2. I’ve noticed this too and wondered why you don’t see as much divine stalrim esp since so many players use bash shield skills. Also, anyone else wish there was a frost/cleave resist option for armor (not just slash/frost and bash/frost armor)?

    1. @Airyus Online I have a full set of mixed divine stalrim and divine Dwarven mail health armor on my main account just for the arena! I added Stalrim for the added bashing resist but wish I had better cleave resist on my current setup since Baridan’s axe is so popular! There’s always more enchanting to do! Lol!!! πŸ˜†

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