Joe Biden Clearly Has Dementia – This is Elder Abuse


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    1. @Sergeant Sigmon he gave 84 billion dollars to Afghanistan!!!!!! War crime! Aid and abetting enemies of the state!!

    2. He seems to be able to give a state of his union speech and when he is facing crimes he starts acting stupid

  1. As soon as he was elected I predicted all of our enemies around the world would start acting up. I was absolutely right.

    Yet among the mature we do impart wisdom, although it is not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are doomed to pass away

    1. @Helen Oswald Open your eyes, Trump kept peace in the world didn’t He? What He said to Russia, china and N K was to keep that peace, you’re crazy if you think if one of them tried anything He would go into hiding like chicken sh*t biden.As far as NATO He was just trying to get other countries to pay their share… Which they weren’t doing.

    2. @Helen Oswald yeah whatever you keep thinking that way Obama is still a clown and his buddy Biden is a even bigger clown 🤡

  2. This is an embarrassment to our nation and the office as the President of the United States of America!! Shameful!!

    1. I can’t even call him president that’s the way it goes with me I think he’s a puppet for the Marxist that are trying to take over this country

    1. They were going to allow him to continue to 2024. But, then he started telling everyone that he’s running for reelection (Jill put him up to it) and those actually running this administration said, hell no! We already have another puppet to replace you. So, don’t be surprised if Joe is a victim of ‘SADS’ any day now.

    1. His handlers are laughing their asses off because they know we have not and will do NOTHING about it. Michelle is up next get the popcorn 🍿..

    2. ​@CHOMPERZso I wonder why are the Republicans not removing him on grounds he’s unfit for office and removing Kamala for not upholding the US Constitution as the border czar?

    1. That’s actually an excellent question.

      Isn’t there an actual agency that does protect the elderly from this exact thing?

      He obviously gets fed, his diapers changed etc. but his dignity… he is not being allowed to die with dignity.

      He’s always been as effective as Ipecac, but he should have been able to have served his 49 years and let his legacy be remembered for that. Now, he will forever…. FOREVER be THE WORST president… if not the president responsible for nuclear war.

      Our great, great, great grandchildren’s great, great great grandchildren will despise him as they continue to pay back the money he’s laundering via Ukraine each month. Who even know what kind of birth defects we may yet to see from the vax he forced so unconstitutionally upon the nation.

      Plus, none of my grandchildren speak Chinese. By the time Biden stops selling America to China my Grandchildren may really NEED to know Chinese.

      Where is that agency… i really thought there was such a thing?

    2. Yes, I know for a fact that the APA once existed, as my 2 lovely sister in laws once turned me in to them while I was caring for their dad. (all unfounded)
      Maybe the APA disappeared with the Meals on Wheels program. Idk

    1. Yea dementia but to send weapons to kill in Ukraine and stopping zelensky to make peace agreement he does with no problems

    1. @Hothenrik4570 Say what you want about Biden. He might be senile, and he showered with his then underage daughter, and he likes to sniff young girls hair…and he’s even taken a few bribes through his son. And I know gas prices are sky high and inflation highest in 40 years

      And yes he’s close to getting us in a war with Russian and or China…….But aside from all that he’s really not a bad guy

  3. Don’t Feel Sorry for Him …HE Created This !!! His Sins are taking their toll, no matter how many drugs they pump into him, he can not escape !!!

    1. Both and more

      All of detriment.

      Puppet joe of Elites/Handlers Obama Pelosi.

      Note The 2nd tier Newsom and Buttigig and Kam.

    2. He’s lying. Joe has always and will always be a liar. This country has quickly devolved under his “leadership.”

    1. Amen! SHE should be
      Arrested for elder abuse.
      Hung at high noon.
      Shot at Sunrise.
      All of the above (not necessarily in that order)

    1. Why impeach? It’s a lot of trouble for nothing. Trump was impeached twice and it didn’t accomplish anything.

  4. How are we on the second month of the year and still allowing this criminal to be the face of this country?????

    1. Idk, I’d imagine our adversaries know who truly runs out country. The president is muppet, increasingly so since JFK was killed, entirely so from the 90s onward

    1. Feel free to diagnose because we have seen the criminal sell-out doctors that will harm people. No trust in them at all.

    2. I too am a nurse of 40 yrs. And I WILL say it. He has dementia. I have patients on locked units that act the SAME way. A curse on whomever is putting our country at risk with someone that clearly is not in good enough cognitive condition to lead a horse to water much less our country. When you go to bed tonight, pray he doesn’t make a blunder while you are sleeping and you never wake up.

  5. Unbelievable that this is the President of the United States. Come on America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. You can do much better. This is disgusting. Get him out. Get him out get him out.

    1. @C. M. neither of them should be in politics because they are both mentally unfit! Biden, Harris and the whole administration needs to be ripped off their high horses and the politicians who are for this country and us citizens should take the leadership. Only in a fantasy world though.

    1. In the eyes in the eyes of the world we are weak all the world leaders know it. They know he’s not running the country. Such an embarrassment. Dear God we need help. We need President Trump back and we need Ron DeSantis as vice president.

    2. Demented is clearly than Dementia.
      Joe might have dementia, but Trump is truly Demented.
      Look up the difference in Websters! 🤔🤫

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