Saved Missing Kids From Van (Almost Got Kidnapped)

I was riding my dirt bike when I found a strange van left on the road. I found missing people in the back of it and I had to save them by smashing the window. The guy left the keys on the road so I was able to load my motorcycle in the back and drive away with the van.

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    1. @Githoper hey bro it’s scripted we should not let him beleive things such like these fake people who do anything for views

    1. @Daniel Rhodes stop mixing urself in other arguments it just shows you want attention. when i was a child
      i saw people get “saved” learning from comments i realised that everything is fake when i was young it affected me as a person. i just dont want it to happen to other people dingus

  1. Omg those poor kids… cant imagine getting kidnapped by a man using ducktape. This guy is a hero for saving them. Respect!

  2. what a beautiful heart have this man has saving children and taking risks with an armed and disgusting person is very, very risky

  3. It’s a good job he just happened to leave the car parked in an unusual position with the doors open drawing attention. It’s also a good job he left you in the car without being tied up and left you with a rock to smash the window

    1. Imagine faking that a kidnapped person is ur friend. (Ik all this is fake for everyone that sees this message so y’all don’t attack me💀)

  4. This guy is a hero! Who knows what this dude would have done to these 2 boys. And to all the haters… how many children have you saved. This guy has saved at least 2.

  5. Okay now billy I’m just gonna feel your pulse through your hoodie and this man is gonna drive off with you you just gotta stay still okay?😊

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