Solved Missing Persons Case… Bringing Closure for Nathan’s Family

We found and recovered 22-year-old Nathan Ashby 25' underwater, solving a missing person case in Warren County, Missouri… 🚔💦

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In this episode of Adventures with Purpose, we are truly humbled in the experience of heading to Warrenton Missouri to lead the recovery efforts of Nathan Ashby.


The good news…

We found and recovered Nathan when we found his truck 25' underwater in the Missouri River.

Crazy… RIGHT?

So how did his truck end up in the river?

At this time, it is an open investigation and the family may never have answers.

Thankfully, Nathan has been recovered and his family can now begin the healing process knowing he is now home.

Our role was made possible because our viewers along with Nathan's family and friends reached out to us after seeing us on YouTube and Facebook, making us aware of a Missing Person story from Dateline NBC.

We are humbled and thankful for this opportunity and experience to bring closure for his family.

The last thing we wanted to do was find a truck in the river with Nathan inside.

What's our next dangerous underwater mission going to be?

Who knows, maybe we'll be coming to a community near you to solve a cold case from your river as well.



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  1. This video brought back memories of a similar incident that happened to me and my crew several years ago. I will never forget it. A special need 13 year old boy fell through the ice on a winter camp in Marion county Iowa. He went there to meet new friends because he had trouble socializing. The last day he walked out on the frozen lake to pose for pictures for his new friends. Suddenly he dropped through. Just dissapeared. vanished. The sherrif called me because he was looking for some one that was overhead-environmend and dry suit certified. The shop I usually went to gave him my number. I called some friends that I had dove with frequently before and trusted that were willing to volunteer. We had to wait 3 weeks before it was safe to dive. Set a plan and did a circular search based on where he went under. We found him laying on the bottom with his arms crossed accross his chest. Long story short. When he was brought up we realized he was protecting an 8×10 group photo of him and all his new friends. We turned the body over to the medical examiner and sat together around a camp fire still in our dry suits. No words were spoken and the sherrifs deputy approched us with an envelope for each of us. We were paid $400 each for our efforts. As we sat there one of the guys said, “Are you all thinking what I’m thinking?” We all knodded. We all got up and approched the boys mother and handed her our envelopes. “We hope this helps” She broke down and hugged us all and thanked us. I think about that a lot even now. I’m 62 but I would do it again in a heart beat. Brovo to you and your team for bringing closure. Thank for bringing that memory back.

    1. @Chris Hancock I also have a son with autism and I understand the feeling of being scared when they are away from you.

  2. The willingness of the sheriff to welcome outside help, and not take offense to it was SO refreshing! Give that man a raise, and a 2 week vacation 🙏🏻

    1. @Glitter_Angel Makeup It’s ,,,,, Solved 8 – Month – Old Missing Person Case ( Nicholas Allen ) ,,,,, posted Oct . 9 , 2020 .

    2. Exactly !! Let’s. All help , and be Open to.any help to get situations/crimes. Resolved for the families 🙏💕♥️

  3. This sheriff is how ALL law enforcement should behave. Professional, ZERO EGO & appreciative. My hat’s off to you, Sir.

    1. Amen and thank u to these sheriff I have lived in Ga for 20+ years and I am ashamed of how our officers acted in the 2 Ga videos I have seen so sad

    2. I completely agree! Ego and arrogance have no place in the mannerisms of public workers!!

  4. As an open water recreational diver for over 30 years, thank you for pointing out that what you do is NOT for the recreational diver. You had me worried.

    1. I was pins and needles whatching this. I was terrified they would have to do another recovery. One all his viewers would hate see.

    2. Jared’s implication that AWP divers are NOT recreational divers concerns me. He doesn’t list any of his certifications on his website, but it doesn’t appear that he has any tech or commercial dive certifications, which means that, by definition, he IS a recreational diver.

    3. @Max Ventunosei Dive Talk covers a email he wrote them, but, nah. He has a couple but nothing beyond rec driver. Gus and Woody have offered to help off camera whatever, but don’t think that was ever taken up.

    4. @Bonnie Pieces of paper don’t mean a lot. Experience, knowledge and skill make the person. Jared knew the dangers of Hypothermia and knew his limits. That can’t be taught.

  5. What a difference when the Sheriff is humble and knows that they got handed a massive favour. Hopefully every Sheriff will be like this one. Well done guys!

    1. Don’t watch the Nick Allen recovery. You will be absolutely disgusted in the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

    2. And I agree. Very humble and professional. The sheriff had places to be, but he wanted to stay there and see this family finally get closure…Huge difference compared to the officer in the Nick Allen case.

  6. I am really happy with this officer explaining EXACTLY why they weren’t able to do it and it was completely understandable and I don’t blame these guys at all. There are so many where the police HAD resources and were incompetent but these guys were on the ball and I know they felt bad about not being able to do it but they aren’t professional divers and were well out of their zone with this.

    1. @It’s a Small Patch It’s not that hard to explain. When AWP tries to figure out a case, and they don’t get any leads. They move on to the next one. Now picture the Polices stack of cases and times that by 50. There is too much work load on police.. From petty crime, drug trafficking, domestic violence, car accidents, murders, traffic stops, and investigating cases, there isn’t much time in the day. And now police departments are Underfunded, and police officers are leaving 10 fold as of late. Blaming the police is pretty whack imo.

    2. @mp shot at twice yeah but my dad definitely didn’t have a $4,000 sonar but it was damn good. I don’t even think it needs to be some crazy expensive sonar

    3. @J Leif Well it’s not always on the police but when you’ve got somebody willing to come in for free and try to find people and you’ve got cops giving attitude like I’ve seen in one case in particular, that’s a huge problem. Like except the help from people that know what they’re doing or get out of the way and they can do it without you knowing. It’s just ridiculous that any officer or anyone would fight somebody that’s trying to bring someone’s loved one home.

  7. What a breath of fresh air to know there are still some decent law enforcement teams that appreciate, respect and reimburse those individuals who are willing to help their cause….congratulations AWP!!!!

  8. Between the Sheriff, the landowners being willing to take out whatever from their bank they needed to aid, this place seems wonderful. Everyone just worked so well together.

    1. This is what we do in missouri…. show me what we need to do … show me how we can help … show me and we will do everything we can and if we cant … we will find someone somewhere who can

  9. The sherrif is top notch in his professionalism! From the tone of his voice..his interaction..his emotions…his posture and over all demeanor

  10. I’m awfully sad to see this loss of such a young man. The family deserved closure. At least the sheriff wasn’t being like the last video I just watched. Seeing a cop treat you guys like that was so sad, bc his ego was hurt. Major props for what you guys do. I only wish I could help people like you guys do. All I can do right now is share my story, so it hopefully helps others who has struggles like I did once upon a time ago.

  11. Jared is unbelievable under pressure, whether dealing with arrogant sheriffs or handling this stressful dive. He keeps his cool.

  12. So crazy. From a Sheriff who shows up with a horrible attitude as soon as he got out of his vehicle and then told them not to video him and shut down the comment section, to a Sheriff who is so appreciative, he gets permission from his Commissioner to pay them AND the tow company for their time and effort… It’s just amazing to see such a range in attitudes, SOPs, etc is pretty crazy

  13. The calibre between this Sheriff and the Sheriff in the Nick Allen case is unbelievable. What a lovely and humble Sheriff. I hope the Sheriff who treated you all badly sees this video and learns from it. Thoughts with the family. RIP Nathan

  14. This may be my favorite case you guys have done so far. The sheriff was humble and kind (imagine that!) the teamwork from different recovery groups and the ABSOLUTE dedication to bringing this man back home to his family. I just love everything you guys stand for. It’s nice to see that good people still exist in this world.

  15. The landowners, the Sheriff, the person who paid for your lodging, everyone who came together and helped out….Just amazing, simply amazing. I was on the edge of my seat, even though I knew you found him. My condolences to Nathan’s family, may he Rest in Peace

  16. What a great Sherrif wish we had more like him and more great guys willing to drive 2000 miles to risk their lives to recover a person and give closure to a family love all of you guys involved and my condolences and prayers 🙏to the family.

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