1. I remember Margaret Jan years ago when I used to be on FB. It is sad to hear what happened to her, I cried for a week.

  2. Definately a community effort, from the authorities to the sonar dive teams all working together. A last hour tip from police on her traffic accident moved the investigation to a different area further along, leading to this retention pond in a housing development a few hundred yards away from the accident scene on the roadway. RIP Margaret Jan Shupe, you can go home.

  3. Hearts & prayers first to the family; second to you and those involved to bring her home. God be with you all.

  4. Bless you for bringing her home, closure for her family, and allowing her to finally rest in peace! Great job! My condolences to her family!

  5. Didn’t know her, but felt like I did. I had a strong connection to her missing case. You know, one of those things where I felt like I’ve seen her before but don’t know where and could even get a sense of her kind, loveable spirit and personality. Was a strange feeling for sure.
    Just glad her loved ones (both family & friends), got the closure they’ve been waiting for.
    Bless you for all that you do! Never give up and keep doing what you’re doing. ❤

  6. I want to say thank you for not allowing one selfish person among so many of you guys who have gone on not letting the situation stop you guys from still trying and still bringing lost family Members home. You guys are special. Special Heart and compassion for your beliefs in doing what is good and right. So proud of all of you guys you did not stop or give up. God is good and we pray for your protection the ones who still try. I would hope that if I ever needed help. You the ones who still continue will still be here today tomorrow and always. Thank you all.

  7. That was the case that you can see the car in the water on Google earth. It’s like circle way or something in florida right.

  8. I remember this, there were no houses when she went in and then the divers went in and found the car, that was amazing!

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