The Parents Who Took Weeks to Report A Missing Child | True Crime Story

A true crime story. In December 2022, 11-year-old Madalina Cojocari went missing under bizarre circumstances. Perhaps more peculiar is that police believe those closest to her refuse to share critical information with authorities …

00:00 Introduction
02:13 Preface
04:59 Diana Cojocari
06:45 Christopher Palmiter
08:34 Mysterious Circumstances
11:46 Disturbing Details
14:58 Additional Findings
18:29 "Is Something Wrong with Violence?"

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  1. MY GOD!!! WHO THE HELL DOESN’T REPORT THAT THEIR CHILD IS MISSING?? They are both involved in her ‘disappearance’, they better start talking. She is such a beautiful little girl 👧

    1. @Motty Didn’t the neighbour said they saw an intense fire burning at the couple backyard for few days. Maybe they burn the body.

    2. @Norran You can’t burn a body beucause the fire has to be powerful and the smell is so bad…they just saw a fire and about smell didn’t tell anything

    3. @Motty It’s was a slim small girl body. They can cut the body into small pieces and burn it little by little and bit by bit. That’s why the neighbours saw them burning something for a few days.

  2. This woman and her love of violence should never be around any child. This is so messed up, he drove from NC to Michigan on Thanksgiving “to drop some stuff off?” They don’t know where their child is TWO WEEKS BEFORE THANKSGIVING? Don’t report her missing immediately, and take long drives where she could be disposed of ANYWHERE?

  3. This is so terrible! Such a wonderful child and the parents don‘t care, I unfortunately don’t think the little girl is still alive and her parents are to blame!

    1. And to think I know of a few of my daughter’s friends, wanting a baby so much! They are going thru the treatments, and these AWFUL parents! All the best!

  4. Those recordings of the so called mother bring that eerie feeling you get when you listen to Jim Jones. Thank you for another outstanding job!

    1. @John Rivers no it’s bc I’m guessing everyone knows the case & when it interested u listen to everything involved to know the whole story so u get everything that happened, not like she was obsessed with just listening to JJ all day & night, it was everywhere when that happened & the recordings where everywhere & like I said u want to know all the facts & what happened that’s what u do imo!!

    2. I actually didn’t feel chills. I actually sometimes have violent thoughts of killing people whom I disagree with or hate. For example:
      Politicans whom I hate, prisoners who’ve killed child molesters and Terrorists.

  5. I found out about her on the FBI Kidnapped/Missing page. Thank you for covering this case, and bringing more awareness for this beautiful child.

  6. Just hearing the name Casey Anthony makes my blood boil. I had no idea that NC had enacted a law in response to that case. I am so happy that something good came from that tragedy. Every state should have that law. I don’t want to even think about what this sweet girl went through at home.

    1. @Michael Page I want to join an organization that changes our justice system. I watch trials all the time… most get a slap on the wrist…

  7. I look at my 11year old daughter & wonder how anyone can harm an innocent child like this. It literally breaks my heart. 💔
    Children are a blessing. They deserve to be loved & cared for by those who bring them into the world.

    1. @Muhmineen Oh, wake up. This is the 21st century. We don’t believe in made up deities anymore. That was when we were living in mud huts, before we knew any better. Now science is God.

    2. What about adults. Aren’t they a blessing too. Y’know…considering…they make society the way it is. They power up society and it’s not like adults have dreams and potential too.

    3. @The desensitized Sympathizer – “…they make society the way it is.” They do at that. But society, well… could be better.

  8. This is Heartbreaking but if a mother doesn’t report her child missing there’s a big problem ! IMO open and shut case ! The mother is responsible for her daughters demise ! I think this case should be treated as a homicide !!

    1. I’d say the mother AND the father. But highly unusual to not report within first day, yet alone 24hrs. There may be extenuating factors that have not been said such as the authorities have previously been dismissive, the child has previously ran away for periods of time and returned, mental illness, duress etc for not reporting for a long period of time. The defences, if any, will come out when (or if) prosecution goes through with their case in the courts. On the face of it, their behaviour is highly abnormal and suspicious. We all hope that the child is safe and alive. 🙏

  9. Her “violent thought” speech says a lot about her and what happened..It is NOT normal to sit around thinking violent thoughts and if someone does it means they are probably dangerous.

    1. Not necessarily
      I have intrusive thoughts where I think about being really horribly violent all the time, for no reason. In this case though, it’s clear that’s not whats going on

    2. What happened to Madeline’s biological father? Is it possible he came and took her? Not sure if I missed some part about him.

    3. Well then what are you supposed to do if you do have violent thoughts. See, you normal people don’t understand us people with these conditions and thoughts. It’s one of the reasons.why we self-harm as well. If we can’t enact our violent thoughts, nor can we think about them, so we could just vent them out. We become violent with ourselves, just for.the sake of not hurting anyone else. My back and legs are coated in scars and I haven’t killed anyone.

  10. Burning items in their back yard… in my opinion, this wreaks of foul play, not to mention not reporting her missing in the first hour. At least they’ve been arrested. Please do an update on this one in the future.

    1. You can’t burn a human body in the back yard,you need a powerful fire and it will be a horrible smell and the someone would know.They surely didn’t burn her

  11. What a wonderful mom! Moves her daughter across the world away from her family to live with a stranger. The stranger so happens to be an old man she never met before their marriage.

    Unfortunately, I think they murdered her. They burned any items that had blood on them & they got rid of the body during their random trip to Michigan or the moms trip to the middle of nowhere.

    It’s a shame we hear so many stories of adults murdering children daily.

    1. Usually when a mom and her children move in with a new man and things become violent, overwhelmingly it is the man who was physically abusive. But in this case I think the mom was the primary aggressor. I couldn’t believe her little speech about how violence is positive and leads you to happiness and finding your true self. My gosh she is insane.

    2. @Adeline I read someone said she learnt these thoughts and ideas because the guy she moved in was a self professed guru and these were his teachings.
      Anyway OP I think you’re right. Seperate trips to seperate body parts and that’s why they had to burn so much stuff over the 3 weeks she was missing as it went everywhere.
      Awful. Just awful. Hope we’re wrong.

  12. I’m glad to hear North Carolina adopted Caylee’s Law. But it really should be a given that if a child is in your care you are ultimately responsible for the well being of that child. Every country should have a law such as this in place. This case brings to mind Harmony Montgomery. It’s obvious who’s responsible for Madalina’s disappearance. Parents need to be jailed without bond until the child is found in all cases under these circumstances. My heart goes out to all those who are missing this beautiful child. Appreciate you bringing awareness to Madalina’s case TCA.

    1. Until it’s you and you have no idea what happened to your child. Then you would be happy for “innocent until proven guilty” is applied. We can feel enraged about the mistreatment of children without kicking the constitution to the curb. Life comes with risks – unfortunately.

    2. @Hands-To -Work Maybe I wasn’t clear in what I was saying. I wasn’t talking about every parent whose child has gone missing. I’m talking about parents who don’t report their child missing either when a lot of time has passed or at all, both of which pertain to both of these parents.

    3. @Hands-To -Work Admittedly, Ms Wanlin makes a few assumptions, without evidence –yet. —- “It’s obvious who’s responsible for Madalina’s disappearance. Parents need to be jailed without bond until the child is found in all cases under these circumstances”.
      I notice you didn’t reply to her explanatory post, very reasonable in the apparently normal world of “missing children” you inhabit, —-
      “Until it’s you and you have no idea what happened to your child”. You mean like the odd socks that just disappear, and you save them for a year hoping they’ll turn up? That sort of “Missing children”?
      It’s You @HTW who is sitting on the kerb, spouting rubbish thoughts that are best kept to yourself, without knowledge.

  13. Clearly these parents did something to kill this girl. NO parent would not report their child missing unless they are afraid of the law. Such a beautiful and sweet young lady.

  14. They did not report their child missing because they know where she is and they are the ones who put her in there. The rage I am feeling for these two is indescribable.

    1. It’s an 11 year old child!!! Wishful thinking shouldn’t even be a part of the conversation. Once I can’t find my 11 year old I’m calling the cops. But then again, not everyone that gives birth is a parent, so never mind…

    2. Really??? 2,000 children go missing everyday in America alone….you know the circumstances of all those cases?

    3. @John Rivers Yeah I’m not saying that at all! I get that part.. Its the not calling the police part I don’t understand. It makes you look guilty not calling right away. Have you ever seen first 48?

  15. Ive seen on other channels people explaining the moms” culture” for an explanation of the mom… There’s no explanation or excuse ill except for choosing a man over your child. Its sickening and goes against the very core of being a mother..

  16. Being a parent me and my wife would completely loose it if our daughter went missing ! It’s obvious these people are guilty ! My god it makes me sick… what’s wrong with human beings !!!

  17. I live nearby. This is so sad to see and hear. We all know the “parents” did something to her. The only reason she was even reported is because the school was pressuring her to bring her in.

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