3-Year-Old Missing Girl Found by Drone

A missing 3-year-old girl was found in Washington state by a drone. Sheriff’s deputies along with the fire and rescue department used dogs and helicopters equipped with infrared cameras to track the little girl. Ultimately, it was a camera mounted on an aerial drone that located the child. The Sheriff’s Department said the 3-year-old walked around for 2 hours and ended up around 300 yards from the house in a shallow ravine, surrounded by shrubs.


  1. This is amazing ❤ I’m glad she’s found safe. Thank you who ever was flying that drone.

    1. For free? I’m okay with taxes being used to help people, but some might argue about more money being spent. They need to save that for tax cuts for the rich.

  2. Great job by whoever was flying that drone. I hope that young girl doesn’t get lost again. That’s one of the reasons why I wouldn’t like living in a rural town. It’s easy to get lost in woods, tall grass, or anywhere that just doesn’t have enough neighbors or security cameras.

    1. @Ann-Marie Paliukenas you’re right about that. I hope whoever’s in charge of watching her will be extra careful next time.

    2. ​@me
      I don’t think one instance of not watching their kid justifies child services being called.

    3. Its not about the area they live in, its the parents or whoever was responsible for her.. Ik plenty thatve lived in those type areas for years, and its actually often safer and nice compared to a nieghboorhood or city… Most of my family lived in areas like that as they grew up, but their parents also taught them extremely early and strictly u dont do this or that, and u dont let the child out of your sight until their old enough and even then they shouldnty just wonder, either way my point is its not the area tahts an issue its the parents

  3. So glad that you had a red camera onto the Drone you could probably do that for any missing children as well child kidnappings it could be playing around at night and I wouldn’t even know they’re out there to see what’s going on it is important

  4. I’m speechless,
    Since my daughter went missing 7 years ago and haven’t seen her 😢up to this date .

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