Schenectady Amber Alert update on baby

Schenectady Police update the case of the missing baby that prompted an Amber Alert earlier today. The baby was later found.


  1. Mother was seen walking with child wrapped in blanket, mother found pants urinated on and drunk and sleeping inside GE facility building when woke up said where is my baby? She was found in a box in a steam tunnel. Rushed to ER and passed from hypothermia. Mother is mental disabled

  2. The mother and everyone in that house that allowed her to leave with her child intoxicated need to all be held accountable

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s why the amber alert was made, some families don’t know what to do in these cases. Especially when parents are probably being forceful.

    2. No the amber alert was made the morning of Sunday after she reposted the child missing the night of Saturday. They waited over we hrs to published an amber alert with that half a day a search team could’ve been in motion searching for this baby girl instead of handling it all the next day.
      They were posting on Facebook having a family gathering etc so everyone was aware of each others actions. No excuses everyone needs to be held accountable as an accessory to her charges.
      The mother did this and others allowed it.

    3. @Foreignnnn  I’ll wait to judge until more details. Very rarely do ppl try to take the kids from Mom. So yeah I’ll see before condemning a family in grief.

    4. @@misstiff29 I am family not the mother side the fathers so this is why I’m telling you what’s not being said by media and etc. She already being charge with 2nd degree murder💯

  3. I’m actually crying😢 fly high halo, soar with your guardian angels in heaven, rest in peace❤🙏

  4. This is beyond the saddest and craziest thing to happen to an innocent baby. The police should have been more concerned sooner and maybe she would still be alive! This is disgusting that the concern of the situation happens after the passing of this poor baby girl. Rest in peace halo im so sorry and truely hope everyone involved gets the worst penalty and rots in hell for this

  5. this officer looks so heartbroken. i’m sending prayers to the officers who had to see that baby’s dead body. I’m praying for the public cause this is very traumatizing & i’m praying there’s family that cared about baby girl. rest in peace 💗

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