Nicola Bulley Police Return To River Testing April 2023 Answers To Missing Facts Questions Left Unan


Many Thanks to the channel @mariasolarz for being at the right spot at the right time and getting the proof that shows the investigation is not over.

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    Thank you all for your comments! I will be reading all your theories on this case! Like you I’m waiting for answers from the police which will hopefully come out this June of 2023.

    1. I think thay definitely messed the case up .but I think thay would have been digging behind the scene .I think thay can’t arrest paul because no evidence. Because in my opinion I thought in curtis videos I thought I was seeing weird people in the background like uncovered poilce

  2. Like you pointed out many times in this video, how could she possibly have fallen in drowned (all in the ten minutes after the elderly man supposedly saw her), gone undetected by Police divers that very day, then unseen by Peter Faulding and his crew, all the while with Police also searching, and somehow ending up a mile down in this 3 week period. Seems impossible. I believe she was placed the night before in the river, maybe floated back and forward every 6hrs with tide and then Jason Rothwell does confirm he saw her floating in middle of river before coming to a stop under that dead tree, minutes before Police arrived. If she’d been in there the whole time, she would have been found. Thank you for your video 😊

    1. He changed his story he first said that he saw nicola already near the tree then said he saw her floating on the river and followed her floating until she got to the tree and reeds even him changing his story is strange…justice for nicola 💛

    2. ​@Annemarie Barber.. That’s true, he did say that,maybe he was forced to change his story to fit the police narrative.

    3. I have no doubts you are quite correct. Faulding would have found her within minutes on that first day of search. He had no doubts about it. He says there was no time for her to have shifted to the weir in that mild slow moving stream that can be waded in in the time suggested by the police.

  3. The coroner has requested this. I bet there are some bottoms twitching because of this.

    1. Of course some people are going to be very worried right about now and so they should be 😢

  4. I don’t know how the behaviour panel saw him as innocent immediately after Watching the first interview, chase was the only one who said I wouldn’t cross him off the list ..his body language is saying guilty knowledge as far as I’m concerned, usually the behaviour panel would said the same.

    1. I have been following The Behaviour Panel for years.
      I was very suspicious of them why they came to that conclusion.
      It makes me think ……

    2. @Ellie Andrews Oh wow… makes you think if someone got to them to make sure views were suppressed. Surely their reputation is more important. They did seem to play this down. 🙂 x

    3. Yeah, well done Chase for not being afraid to express what you genuinely felt.
      Most of these ‘experts’ will only offer their opinions after a case has already been solved.
      And then they’re like “Yes, I knew it all along”…

  5. If the coroner has requested a specialist team to go back, and all they are doing is probing around the weir, there must be something the coroner has found that needs to be verified before they can release the cause of death. It could be a massive clue to what happened to her and for the case to be completely reopened or it could be something tiny that they just need to clear up. Who knows.

    1. ​@EssexBoys Outlaw
      I thought she was held captive elsewhere, then drowned somewhere else, if she drowned at all🤔 One would think that if she fell in, being a descent swimmer, that she would’ve made it back onto solid ground!
      With the water moving slow, whether it was low or high water, those reed beds are usually quite tight, & taller than the water, so how could a body get into the center of it? She had to have been dumped into there, but whoever did it made sure it was shortly after the searchers were done searching.
      I hope they tested the water in her lungs to see if it even matched that water!
      I also thought someone may’ve been in the water pretending to be struggling & she set her things down & jumped right in to save that person, but instead that person intentionally silenced her, maybe at knife point, or knocked her out, or drowned her, then took her upstream, hugging the edges to not be seen, put her onto a small boat, & took her out of there, until the searching was done, but likely didn’t count on a passerby to see her that quickly!
      I also believe Mr. Faulding deserves a public apology & great honors for his search for Nicola & others, I hope he doesn’t stop searching for the missing, due to catching all that flack🙏
      Justice for Nicola, her family, & friends
      Sad for sure😢

    2. @lovetohunt lovetohunt peter did all he could, and did it professional, he told us the truth, the police on the other hand handled this case like a bunch of clowns.

    3. @lovetohunt lovetohunt The boat option was defo my initial option but with Willow dry (and still in the field) it’s coming back as set up every time when I play it through.

    4. @EssexBoys Outlaw  That rope just happening to be there bothered me!
      I thought maybe more than one person did this to her, & someone loosely tied Willow up as Nicola was being taken!
      She was seen up in that corner area by the trees, & the whole thing may’ve happened over there, that would mean she never entered the water at the bench. So maybe someone did set that stage, while the other person walked her down to a boat from that area, or over to the barn, or house, those places would be completely off cameras!
      We know one person tied up Willow with the said found rope & it happened to be at the bench where Nicola’s phone just happened to be placed, but that person had no time to deal with a missing dog owner. Did that person already have that rope with her🤔 Or was Willow already tied up with that rope once at the trees, & by someone else, & she broke free dragging that rope with her & that person did find the rope & tied her up with the same rope again🤔
      I think LE needed to really scour the treelines possibly even look up to find Willows leash & use a metal detector to find Nicola’s fitbit & whatever else is missing, they may not find the leash there if the person tied Willow’s leash around Nicola’s wrists!
      If the car keys were found, I’d think they’d tell something! Plus, the working cctv cams would’ve likely caught every person in the area at some point, over the several days prior to her missing, & if she interacted with someone, maybe even the ones that finally found her🤔
      I would also go back to that house, barn… does the rope match the barn/house ropes🤔 if something drew suspicion there to begin with, it’s probably not too far fetched that something could’ve happened over there, & no drowning of her happened until they were done with her 😞 but yep, you’re right. There are too many things wrong with Nicola, just entering that water & Willow not jumping in, too!
      Willow may’ve had the best evidence, That Rope!

  6. With all the underwater searches,drones up and down the river,police searching river bank and so many people around you know that Nicolas body couldn’t have been missed. I said to myself no way would she have gone over the weir. Her body only found when river search called off….funny that.

    1. Exactly! “Search the land and look at all the houses” next thing poof there she is.

  7. No one believes Nicola fell into that river no one with instinct and common sense, believe that her body found weeks later was by drowning, because she slipped in, but I will let the Lancashire police force continue their brilliant investigation ,
    Peter Faulding said her body was not in there when he searched ; and even as they said her body was found caught up in reeds ; I know they searched those sides banks !go figure their story and findings don’t make sense .
    Rip Nicola Bulley 💜🙏🏽

  8. Sadly this is the level of incompetence we have come to expect from the Police force. When Nicola went missing there had been no rainfall for months, the river was like a millpond and the weir reduced to a trickle. Now they are testing after heavy rain, a swollen river and a much faster weir. Ludicrous. Something happened to this poor woman other than what the Police were saying but I fully expect this to all get brushed under the carpet with an ‘open’ verdict. Justice for Nicola.

    1. @Elliot Williams I was replying to the comment above that says ” Now they are testing after heavy rain, a swollen river “

  9. I think the reason people have taken this so far is that they can see things dont tie up and they want the Police to do something. They want them to investigate others and their properties etc and to not miss a thing. The Police woman said Nicola was seen by witness but did they see Nicola or did they see a woman looking like Nicola with Willow. In our tiny village everyone would know me and the dog and would know if it wasnt me.

    1. They did know it was Emma pretending to be Nicola. Penny is Paul’s auntie so that’s why Ron was stuttering when he was asked if he knew Nicola. Why didn’t Penny just call her nephew and say Nicola is missing? Paul needed “independent wittiness” to find her belongings while he was “at home” when her belongings and the dog was found. The bench was beside the river to suggest she had fallen in at first then Paul slowly turned it into suicide. Now we know the river couldn’t drownd you considering it’s depth plus the area was searched thoroughly she must have been placed in the river at a later date. 🐼

  10. I grew up next to the largest river in the UK and know that a gang of my friends and me, never ran into trouble at the river, (ages between 8 and 14) neither in nor at the side. Even when with lorry inner tubes, acting as our huge rubber rings we still had to use our hands as improvised paddles to gain any kind of distance from the starting point.
    The river depth at the max depth was waist height and only at this depth could we use our rings to float. If it was any shallower and we would have caught our legs and butt’s on the riverbed debris.
    The river never had a current that dragged any of us in any direction. There was also a weir /waterfall of sorts and due to how shallow it was going over it we had to climb over and go to the other side to continue.
    Just thought I’d mention this as this doesn’t make sense to me.

  11. I believe this was foul play, her body was kept somewhere near Marsh Hall Farm where there are culverts and released after the police had stopped searching.Paul Ansell was seen by a villager around the area at 10.30pm at night on the 18th February Nicola was found at 11.35am on the 19th February.His body language is very off in his interviews the first was a disgrace he didn’t mention Nicola by name once,l noticed his hat was pulled way down but the bruise on the right eye was still visible.Also l saw the strangest video yesterday of the very first interview with Emma White, her face was almost covered by a hat she whispered and hardly moved her mouth but when she did move it l noticed a tooth missing/ broken off.It looked as if she didn’t want her face shown very strange. Real comparison to later videos of her which there were 17 full makeup and playing to the cameras.!!! Latest l heard was police want information from her fit bit and have approached the company for permission.Also newspapers are asking how Emma White knows the fit bit was unsynced on Tuesday the 24th January they said she would have had to known Nicolas personal information to know it was unsynced.I say get Ansell and White in for questioning they know what happened.At least Willow is safe from him she is with Nicolas parents.Justice for lovely Nicola that is all that matters so she can rest in peace and truth.

    1. Have the police been informed that Paul Ansell was seen by a villager in the March Farm area (which would be by the river) on the night of 18th Feb? This could be a piece of the jigsaw!

  12. I’ve felt from day one that something was decidedly off with Nicola’s disappearance. I think she was placed in the river or reeds after the search was called off the previous day. Having listened to Peter Faulding and the evidence from other water specialists, I do not believe she went in at the bench or took her own life.

  13. Has it been made public yet that Paul and Emma are ex partners and Nicola found out that their still sleeping with each other so she was taking the kids and leaving him? The police check at their property was to make sure Nicola wasn’t suffering domestic abuse, you see how Paul turned that story around like the snake he is. Did they mention Penny is Paul’s Auntie? How about the Find Nicola GoFundMe Paul and Emma set up asking for £100,000 but Emma apologized and pulled it down? If Nicola wasn’t found Paul wouldn’t be able to receive the life insurance that’s why the so called clairvoyant was tipped off and why he kept changing his story. It amazes me how people could believe a so called clairvoyant from nowhere near that area could drive to that village and walk up to a river and find her. Funny how nobody in Lancashire walking up and down that river never saw her. If he was clairvoyant then he would know what happened to her and be able to give us this week’s lottery numbers. 🐼

    1. It’s way too crazy… I just think it’s strange with the huge search they had going for her then all of a sudden the psychic walks over right where she is. It’s just too much with this case, unreal!!!

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