Amber Hagerman, 25 years later

The Arlington Police Department has opened up a new tip line for any information regarding Amber's killer. Call 817-575-8832 to report new information.


  1. I’m glad Amber didn’t die in vain. I hope it brings some comfort to her family that Amber died a hero. She saved so many kids like her from abductions with her Amber Alerts. Rip sweet angel 👼

  2. This is so sad, whoever did this deserves the worst possible punishment ever, it just… it’s so sad and I’m so sorry for their family

  3. I was only 5 years old when this happened and I lived in South Arlington, about 15 minutes away from the kidnapping location. You drive down that street and it’s so eerie because that place where she was taken is empty. I hope they find her killer and bring him to justice. It’s just so unfair she was taken from this world too soon.

    1. The killer is most likely either dead after all these years or maybe there is a serial killer from texas that did that to Amber that finally caught for other crimes but didn’t confess for Amber’s case

  4. It’s hard enough losing a child. But like this? Unsolved? I can only imagine the devastating heartbreaking emptiness this leaves. I pray that they find the man who did this. Brings waterfall tears to my eyes 🙁

    1. @Djonekimbo because she’s an evil, twisted feminist, right?
      Not because an eyewitness saw the guy…😒

    2. @Susi Varga never said that I just ask a question cuz this was my first time hearing about the case

  5. Someone knows something, even if it’s simply an inkling of knowledge. Prayerfully they’ll find the courage deep within if they’re afraid. They need to relieve themselves of that burden. Amber’s loved ones deserve an answer. People must remember that a horrible event such as this could easily happen to anyone & we’d be pleading for someone who knows something to say something. Either way, that 👿 who destroyed Amber’s life will pay for their misdeeds now or later……

  6. I was around two years old when this happened. I grew up in Fort Worth and remember parents drilling into their kids all of these rules to help us avoid getting kidnapped. It seemed so fundamental, like learning to say thank you or yes ma’am.
    “If a stranger tries to talk to you, scream and run away.”
    I was almost kidnapped once while walking home from work in west fw around ten years ago. I was lucky and my instinct saved me. I still think about it occasionally though, especially if I’m ever walking somewhere. Probably would’ve been trafficked if not just flat out murdered. We’re no LA or NYC, but DFW can still feel like a jungle sometimes. Hazardous. Predators could be lurking anywhere you go.

  7. This case really breaks my heart. That poor girl was only 9 years old and we still don’t know who her murderer is. This just makes me wonder why there are terrible people out there who actually do this to children. I really hope they figure out who her killer is I can’t imagine what her family has gone through. Amber needs justice. RIP 😢❤️🙏

    1. I’m sorry baby girl Amber 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭I remember where I was when this happened, I was 12 and she lived right down street from her and I was by hwy 360 and Abrams street but another side of the hwy from her

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss not a word in the world can truly express how saddened this makes me. I will pray for you and all those whom are suffering 🙏

  9. I live about 6 blocks from the little creek where her body was found. This had a profound affect on parents in Arlington. Every black pickup truck was scrutinized. I still don’t like black pickups these many years later. Unfortunately, in this part of Arlington, every 4th guy drives a black pickup truck and Arlington at the time was over 300,000 people.

  10. Amber would have been 36 years old now hope she’s enjoying heaven watching over her family with pride. Amber would have been proud of her mummy for creating the amber alert and saving millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of children.

  11. Whoever did this didn’t get away with it. The Almighty sees all, knows all and vengeance is His! Rest in heavenly peace sweet angel Amber.💔

    1. @Aaron Scarpa no fairytale sir or ma’am EVERYTHING DONE IN THE DARK COMES TO LIGHT. Pray you find the Lord because He is coming back. And all whom is not ready will be terrified.

  12. Watching this made me tear up, my heart breaks for her mother. I was only 2 when she was kidnapped so I’m just now learning about this case. I wish they can find out who did this crime.

  13. It’s incredible that the family was involved in a documentary before she went missing.

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