150 missing children recovered across TN as part of ‘Operation Volunteer Strong’

According to TBI, the operation started in fall 2020 and TBI Intelligence Analysts were able to compile files for 240 missing children across the state.


    1. It’s been happening in the United States for years, it’s just now coming to light because God is exposing it and Trump chose to sign an executive order to deal with it. Others would not because they are involved or complicit to it by staying silent. It has surpassed the arms trade and is set to surpass the drug trade soon. It’s world wide. Check out “Operation Underground Railroad”, on YouTube and on the internet. The world is not as we think or believed.

  1. This is what you call child trafficking, while CPS can take children away from their families they can’t even work on finding these missing children.this country is going down the toliet.

    1. People at the highest levels are doing this. Children are the most profitable commodity on the planet. It’s horrifying.

  2. Thank You, Father God, because You Love ALL CHILDREN. Every LIFE is YOUR GIFT. YOU ARE THE LIFE-GIVER. Jesus says: “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE”. Father, help the authorities to locate ALL MISSING CHILDREN and give ALL CHILDREN a good and safe HOME. In Jesus’ Name.

  3. Tennessee has the highest number of child abuse and sexual predator charges on the east coast , something is going on in this state that will continue to be exposed

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