9-year-old girl missing from New York state park

Charlotte E. Sena was last seen riding her bicycle in the park. Authorities say she may have been abducted.

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    1. ​@Faith Naidoo You are so right all children are beautiful and it is sad to me there are people who don’t see beauty in every child.

    1. Same… There a lot of free range children in my neighborhood and I’m like, how are all these parents NOT afraid that their kids won’t get snatched up?! Bc they suure aren’t watch them at all! And they’re getting to bold too —where they just stand in the middle of the road with a car coming.

    2. Smart to put a GPS device on kids till the age of 8-10. Technology is advance today. No lil child should be going missing. A tiny fun plastic GPS bracelet or sawn into their school backpacks would be so easy to buy n put.

    3. I was camping with friends at a state park last month and parents were letting their kids play ghost in the graveyard by themselves during the night. I’m sure it was fun for them but pretty risky….

  1. That’s scary! I was hoping she just wandered off but if the bike is just there… it looks like she was snatched! I hope they find her —unscathed. 😢

  2. God please protect her and bring her home right away! Please give her family strength to endure this i ask in jesus name thank you

    1. ​@Radio Controlledbecause humans have free will. Even bad things are apart of gods plan. Our fate is set from the moment we are conceived

  3. People try to make certain concerns political when at the end of the day this is our reality. It is not safe to leave you young children without an adult, especially young girls. Prayers to the family. AS A PRECAUTION PUT APPLE TAGS IN YOUR CHILDS POCKET OR SHOE SO THAT YOU AT LEAST HAVE A CHANCE IF ANYTHING HAPPENS.

    1. Tags are EXCELLENT advice! Even if taken away, they would turn up somewhere in the near vicinity in the first hour(s) following abduction.

  4. If the person responsible for this is watching this or reading these comments. Please let her go! Whatever ounce of humanity you have in you, use it and let her go!

    1. 😉youre right i think he would be watching the videos and reading the comments too. when he is’t doing things too little Charlotte

  5. She is a very good friend of my Granddaughter.. We live like 12 miles from where this happened.. Very Sad.. The world is full of sick people… I have prayed lot’s since this happened.

  6. I can’t imagine her parents !! As a young mother myself I can’t imagine. Please be found safe little girl ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Dear Lord in Jesus name I’m so praying for someone to find this angel ❤️🙏🫂🫶🏻😢😭🤲👩👨‍👩‍👧🌈💗

    1. Thank you Jesus Christ for Charlotte’s safety!!! All who prayed for her were on the lord’s side in Jesus name Amen!! Her family’s prayers are answered ❤️🙏🫂🫶🏻👩💗👍

  8. I watched my kids like a hawk when they were young (adults now). Things are even worse now than then. Please, parents, protect your kids. Being in a group is not enough.

  9. How devastating for her family… I have been thinking and praying for her since I heard she was missing… God, please be with her and keep her safe 🙏🙏🙏🙏.

    1. Seems like your Sky Daddy didn’t do that at all and praying is just a waste of time that only serves to make YOU feel better and nothing else.

  10. Was heading back home from the east coast yesterday through upstate NY and saw the amber alert signs for hundreds of miles on the freeway. I hope she’s found and can be reunited with her family. I can’t imagine the terror the parents are experiencing. Horrible.

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