Amber Alert Issued in Colorado; Search for Missing Child Jessica Ridgeway

Clayton Sandell has the latest information in the case of a missing girl.


  1. @thevee909 haha she’s 10. Most ten year olds don’t own cell phones. I didn’t have a cell phone until I was 14 and walked home from school since I was 5 and nothing happened to me. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. Well, I didn’t want to involve this as it is part of an investigation, but the kidnapper left clues like they do in the movies…he writes notes and sends them from false addresses and emails the family all the time. THAT’S how I know.

  3. I think when a 10 year old is walking home or walking to school a cell phone is justifiable to have. It would have been used for emergency purposes like this one. Her cell would have helped the parents and the police track her down. I wish spy equipment that deals with child safety was affordable and easily accessible, like giving your child a watch or jewelry that will track their whereabouts in case something as awful as this happen.

  4. No, she was taken. The kidnapper left clues. But…as I said a few minutes ago…unfortunately, Destiny’s body was found brutally gutted and raped in the swamp.

  5. Oh my god… I’m so sorry for her family and for her. The predator probably preyed on her because of her condition. She’s in my thoughts. I’ll make sure to spread the word to keep her memory alive.

  6. From WTBY Collinsville, MS (Channel 22) “The body of Destiny Thompson, who has been missing since September 23, has been recovered in a swamp on County Road 256. Authorities say Destiny was raped and maimed brutally. The authorites are also on the hunt for the alleged killer who identifies himself as “The Street Sweeper”.

  7. I can’t believe what’s going on with these comments! It doesn’t matter what color the child is, she is missing and more than likely it is her body that was found. And how in the hell can there be so.much lack of respect for this family. Racism is taught and I don’t care what color of a child became missing my heart would still go out there for their families and prayers also to bring home their child safely. If it is Jessica ridgeway may she rest in peace. And catch the bastard!

  8. I still remember when someone had a crush on Jessica then that guy asked me where she was and I was like idk then the cops found her dead body and I’m on my neices phone cuz she showed me this and I’m like omg….

  9. I worked at the tow company that had the car she was kidnapped in. It was really creepy knowing it was there

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