Dave Chappelle Accuses Oprah Of Negligence In Maui Fires And Missing Children Case!!!

Dave Chappelle Accuses Oprah Of Negligence In Maui Fires And Missing Children Case!!! In a surprising twist, renowned comedian Dave Chappelle has unexpectedly targeted media giant Oprah Winfrey, insinuating questionable activities related to her Maui estate. During a spontaneous comedy performance, Chappelle remarked, "You think you know Oprah? Reconsider. Behind that Maui haven lurks a scheme so wicked, even a villain would be taken aback." The crowd, uncertain if this was part of his act, reacted with both laughter and shock. The internet is now rife with speculations about Chappelle's insinuations. Some believe he's hinting at real estate dominance, while others ponder if it's about a concealed entertainment venture. Oprah's team has dismissed the allegations as groundless and fictional. Yet, Chappelle's comments have piqued interest, leading to demands for more scrutiny into Oprah's Maui ventures.



  1. It’s actually pretty crazy when you look at all their proposed “smart cities” & then look at the locations of some of our most recent “natural disasters”….

  2. Funny how oprah has all that land in maui but not once have condemned the negligence of the authorities to assist the residents of Maui during and after the fire. Maybe just maybe she just do not care but guess what. Another opportunity suddenly arises for her to buy more acres of land in Maui at a very reasonable price.

  3. Sent your kids to school with a tracking device on their backpacks or keychains. You never know when something like this will happen.

  4. A lot of speculation but I believe OW is not being sincere her video showing her giving pillows and blankets on a shelter looked staged. What does she plan to do with all that land ?

  5. Makes you wonder how some people’s (Oprah’s and Tom’s) land wasn’t touched but others were destroyed hmmm 🤔.
    Please tell me the narrator isn’t human because there were lots of words not read or said correctly lol and I’m a slow person so it was confusing but I figured it out finally and it made more sense, but damn woman.

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