DID She LIE To US ALL? • Where Are The Missing Maui Children?

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    1. At least she tried to bring us truth not going along with the crowd. I’m sure there more that we will figure out.

    2. @Steve Hall I saw Dave lie and say Eric was arrested. Eric was not arrested, they detained him to give him a ticket for a missing license plate. Why did he stretch that information? I don’t trust him now.

  1. I turned my phone off, wrapped my phone in aluminum foil, put it inside a cast-iron Dutch oven with a lid on it, and then put that inside my aluminum pressure canner just as an experiment to see if it would go off. And it did not not even when I took it out and unwrapped it. My husband’s phone did go off, though his was sitting beside us on the table not under experiment. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. I put mine in a metal tool box, then called it. It rang right away. Then I placed it in a microwave oven…completely disabled it. The bandwidth in the oven is in the same range that the phone uses. If you ever buy a used microwave or want to test your old one to make sure the protective shielding is working, this is a simple way to do it. If a call cannot get through it, then the harmful waves from the oven also cannot get out of it. Just don’t turn on the oven when you do this! I actually unplugged mine to make sure that didn’t happen.

  2. TD and MATT: long time subscriber! Please be mindful about using the word “tard”, it can be insensitive to those of us with children/family members who are mentally disabled. Thank you ❤

    1. You yourself would know the type of people they say that about. Your child wouldn’t fall in the category so let’s not ourselves as parents or grandparents of mentally disabled children or family members shouldn’t feel so insecure we throw them into a category others are talking about. That falls on us not TD and Matt. I can honestly say they are the type of people if they heard it and they were there they would call it out and say no that’s not cool we are not doing that. Let’s not project

    2. @firstlast-ja5yw
      I agree with you.
      It is not being overly sensitive… it just sounds a bit rude and is off-putting.
      Our son confronted me about the word ‘idiot’ as it is used in our vernacular.
      An idiot can not care for themselves and it is a sad situation.
      Words have meaning and carry weight… and they reflect who we are as we speak. (“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”)
      Needless to say, I try to be more mindful.
      **(This is NOT to be confused with being “politically correct.” That is very different).**
      Blessings to you and your family ❣️

    3. Just be you. If you don’t have something good to say don’t say it. I doubt TD and Matt were intending to disturb your feelings or anyone, Yet if we do sense something wrong be proud to make it known to all. God bless!!

    4. @Kenai Jacobs
      I truly do not believe they want to hurt anyone nor would they be insensitive.
      I just think we sometimes may pick up a word or expression that may not be the best way to express our thoughts (for me the word was ‘idiot’ and it bothered our son, thus he shared what it meant to him).
      Scripture says we are to be examples in our word and conversation and a gentle remark from someone to invite reflection is an act of caring and is important in relationships.
      I am nearly 60 and our son was left a quadriplegic after devastating illness at 10yrs old…25 years ago.
      I am grateful if someone points out something I say or do that may be offensive as I truly do not want to be an offense to anyone… just as Texas Boys would not want to be.

  3. I think she’s terribly deceived! She let everyone know she was going to Maui and I think she was hoodwinked! I don’t think there was a conspiracy with her in particular. I just think she was deceived acting like an expert while only being there 2-3 days!

    1. She doesn’t claim to be an expert, but she went there and spoke to locals. Hoodwinked by whom? It’s these kind of statements that are my point.

    2. I don’t think she was acting like an expert – and if you mean Sam? Please use her name because it’s rude if you just call her: she.
      Anyway, I happened to believe she is very genuine, and by that I mean: Sam.
      She went out of her way, and probably spent a lot of money and time researching information and finding out the truth which is very important to us, or we wouldn’t even listen, let alone watch and spend time watching and listening.
      I respect and admire Sam and her husband, who have sacrificed much in order to gain the truth, and who obviously care very much about the people and the children and the families in general.
      I am grateful that they are doing this and also they have stayed with the project in order to fund and support these families and Lahaina in general.
      I think it’s wonderful what they are doing, and I am glad. I finally learned the truth.
      Because the truth sets you free.
      So many people live with their heads in the sand, or passively, continue with their lives, forgetting everybody else, and being very selfish.
      As Christians, we need to look out for one another and demonstrate to the world. What true love is.
      Let’s be light and salt in the darkness and show the world. There is a better way.
      At least we know now that the government cannot be trusted, and that we need a new government in America.
      I pray that God brings A new government very soon.

    3. @YeshuaFolloweryou are making a blanket statement attacking someone’s character with zero detail or facts.

  4. Well I can confirm Im a real bonified 56 year old fart who’s been following conspiracy theories since 2007 and many have turned out to be true. I dont know about this Samantha Woman, but She sounds like a Woman of action. Good for her! Child trafficking is very real and happening now in a town near you. I think We are all very concerned and Im going to keep doing me. Im also a Maga and it appears theres no end to those insults in the World either. Its fine! I just keep reading the Bible, following Jesus example best I can and see how all of this plays out. Stay blessed and have a good afternoon.

  5. Bro yall in the comments all wrong, she just had the vacation of her life chilling hard. Idk this comments section is goofy.

  6. Anything to side track from the issue of people losing their land. Just pay those taxes. Pay those mortgages but you can’t go to your land. You are not allowed to (for your own good)
    Let people decide for themselves what’s good for them.

  7. I believe she made a few comments that were difficult to support. She claimed if someone grabbed children there would have been witnesses that saw it. However, she also said it was as black as night from the smoke, insinuating you couldn’t see through it.

    I hope and pray children weren’t taken but they do have videos of the school buses leaving the island through the only exit. They also later “found” the missing buses at some random high security, military facility. All of this has been documented and recorded by other Lahaina residents.

    Also, it wasn’t proven these children burned to ash so it cannot be proven they weren’t taken. It is sketchy and scary. I appreciate her attempting to find answers but many people disagree that are more closely related to the island. One is Eric West.

    1. Eric West said he believes children were stolen? I would be interested in that video. I know he has a bunch of videos marked private

    2. @MeganGantt22 it’s a possibility that once the literal dust settled and the locals determined the children weren’t taken that the videos were made private. Not saying that’s the case but there’s a good possibility. This happens with every staged government event. They purposely spin the disinfo so you don’t know what to believe. Post modern post truth 🤡 🌎

  8. Stay Strong/Safe 🙏🏼💪🏽💯!!! The Truth Will set you Free!!! Be Blessed and a Blessing! “We The People By The People For The People” United We Stand Divided We Fall…🛐 Eyes Wide Open NOT Eyes Wide Shut.

  9. Do you guys happen to know about the book? That was written about Maui Fire that came out 2 days after the fire. The book is called MAUI FIRE. This fire was premeditated

  10. I’m concerned where the missing birth certificate for Obama is. The Hawaiian nurse that had verified it just so happened to drown in a plane crash that crashed in the Pacific. The only one of all the passengers that perished. Yes, children go missing (50 in Cleveland, OH in the last month), Haiti, the Ukraine, Maui.. anywhere there is a disaster and the disaster can be used as a coverup.

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