‘Figure something out’: Parents of displaced Lahaina students speak out at DOE community meeting

Parents of displaced Lahaina students speak out at DOE community meeting, saying more needs to be done to get them back to classrooms.

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  1. Todays school bussing anger is but a harsh word compared to the coming tsunami of anger. Trust literally went up in flames. Tourism down 75% and no recovery in sight. Approximately 300 still unaccounted for. Officials unwilling to give details of their actions before, during and after the Lahaina inferno.

    1. Same what been happening in/on ALL of Hawai’i for long time, kanaka already know and see. Finally some of the world gets it now too.

  2. Hiwaii News Now:
    What is the government’s position on the 1700 missing students you’ve identified in this news report?

  3. Answers are NEEDED! You can’t just pretend that it didn’t happen and just start school with the children that are here. WHERE IS THE RESPECT? Where are the bodies of the missing children or other people. Are they alive, are they dead. They must be located. There must be an explanation. The officials did not do their due diligence getting DNA.samples or look for belongings that would lead to identifying a person as in the 9/11 investigations where many bodies were identified this way. The Chief of Police ACTUALLY TOLD the towns people at the press conference to get their own collection of ashes off of their own clothes to identify missing persons. That doesn’t even make any sense!! I know that a House Representative is now trying to get the Senate to start an investigation, which is LONG overdue! GOOD FOR HIM THOUGH, EVERYONE NEEDS TO SUPPORT HIM! Lahaina has a fool for a Mayor that keeps saying “ I don’t know who was in charge?” WHAT!! The people in Lahaina KNEW there was a fire LONG before it got so severe, they had several hours. The Emergency people say, there was no way we could do anything, the fire was burning a mile a minute! That is such bull. There was plenty of time to give the people EMERGENCY EVACUATION direction. There was no leadership, no help apparently. People were left and in some cases TRAPPED , and blockaded from driving out of the burn area and burned to death in their cars! The despicable lack of caring and refusing to answer questions by the Mayor of Lahaina is the most uncompassionate excuse from a human being that I have ever seen. He acts like a robotic creature at his meetings and press conference. It’s like he is not mentally capable.
    Why would the Governor NOT be there for EMERGENCY PREPARATIONS when they KNEW their was a hurricane coming? What Governor does that! I live in Florida , we just had a hurricane today, and Governor DeSantis was on the job for a week with preparations. That’s what Governors DO! Hawaii’s Governor totally failed as a governor for his state. Where the heck was he anyway? He still has taken NO responsibility for the fire that burned down a WHOLE town and killed who knows how many people. They don’t even know. Totally shameful incompetence. This didn’t have to happen. But ,it makes a person think that with ALL of these circumstances that happened within a certain time span, that they let or planned for it to happen. This would be hard to believe that something so terrible wold be allowed to happen. But when there is NO explanation or official investigation, (which supposedly ended already without a conclusion) it leads one to believe that the people of Lahaina were led to death. With the recent change of deleting the red tape involved, in order for the state to acquire land after an emergency, the timing is very suspicious, and the burden of proof lies with the Governor of Hawaii. Period!

    1. The mayor who is a retired judge acts like everyone is supposed to believe him, and cower down to him! His arrogance defending the mema director, who’s now resigned was totally uncalled for!! He should follow in the footsteps of the mema director and resign, sighting medical issues!! 😂

    2. @Kay Dora Yes I DO! People across the country are watching and why shouldn’t we. I have made a donation to the people of Lahaina. But it is obvious that the mayor is not giving any answer, and I am one of many, many people that are wondering why. We are All part of the United States!
      In fact all over the World people are concerned. I just saw today on the news that the Prime Minister of HUNGARY, Victor Orban, donated 250 temporary homes to Lahaina ! It takes the Hungarian government to do something before our own President Biden does ANYTHING! It puts the United States government to shame that it has taken them so long to do anything for the desperate and destitute people in Lahaina. That fact another country has to do it for us. But extremely thankful to Hungary. Biden, and really the people who are making all the decisions for him, are not working in the best interest of our country. So it is my business. Who ARE YOU?

    3. @Accelerated-Conscious-Evolution A mother found her 12 year old son’s body holding on to their dead dog at their home, reports said.

  4. The wildfires started one day before school starts, how can it be the school and teachers doesn’t have the list of all the students names which should be already been assigned to attend to which classrooms before school even starts. The kids that didn’t show up to school are the kids that are missing or dead. Nothing is making sense.

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    2. @Jason Oliveras life is NOT a game. Cosmic origins? Very strange language. So are you AI generated? Maybe so!
      I believe I was created in the image and likeness of God and we are his children. We must follow God’s will. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!

    1. They can’t disrupt the system too much. What’s happening in Maui is happening in a lot of places and it’s happening by design. And the people who own the news companies profit off it

  5. Where are the families of the missing children? Are they speaking out? The public is not hearing ANYTHING about the children. I would think that the parents would be ballistic, but even on-the-ground reporting by locals hasn’t revealed any families that are missing children speaking out. This whole thing smells of evil.

    1. The officials know how many teachers lost their homes but not able to figure out the numbers of dead and where a significant number of children and families are. Why aren’t they going on the media and asking families to check in and let someone know where they and their children are. How can this not be urgent!

    2. Yes. I saw a news report that one family has filed a police report. They gave DNA and of those that bodies have been recovered were tested and not one of the bodies his their family child member.

  6. Just like the rest of the USG, the DoE is just as broken. I pray parents find a better solution for educating their children than trusting and relying on the DoE. God Bless the people of Maui.

  7. Just an idea but what if all the outstanding students’ families filed for homeschooling and then they had all the families come together at the communal areas like they proposed, and have the teachers come together to supplement the ‘homeschooling’ students with their general curriculum. It might work out to be the best of both worlds: The children of Lahaina aren’t forced to disperse over central and south Maui, they can stay together as a community, and they’ll have direct guidance from educators there who can and want to be there.

    1. many areas still have no wifi. Many have no computers. This continues to be chaotic and NO government assistance yet. Pathetic.

    2. I know I’ve seen that when the number of students were tallied, the number of students attending school presently included homeschooling and people who applied for homeschooling.

  8. These children need to be with family to grieve and be nurtured. This comes before secular education. Love from 73 yr old grandma from NSW AUSTRALIA

    1. Now they can’t come back for two years and can only sell to one realtor. They won’t a 15 minute city. This is no accident. Its murder for a land grab. May God hold them accountable. No one else will.

    2. @Rick Beal Are you saying (if I understood you right) that the residents/fire victims can’t go back to their land for two years??

  9. Think how many teachers died. These parents are in panic mode where anything they think others should be doing to fix things needs to happen TODAY. Those still not enrolled because school burned should be bused to Kahului or the other end of the island. Until it’s safe to teach in Lahaina. Maybe an at home schooled curriculum could be used for now. Involve parents to do the teaching. Or rotate kids through set up school, porta potty, AC, or use churches, condos, resorts. These parents have no idea what is needed these days to cover curriculum. How about some go in morning and others in afternoon. How about kids and parent volunteers attend in big air conditioned tents watching teacher on Screens.

  10. I would like to help get textbooks to the children who don’t have access to schools yet. I started a mission for Puerto Rico during the 2021 earthquakes to get textbooks to the children who had to homeschool temporarily. We collected books from people in our community and sent them through media mail which was less expensive. It cost $5-$10 to send a box of donated curriculum to PR. It may be more for Maui but it is worth sending tangible items that kids can use like workbooks and literature.

  11. Finding the children needs to be the sole Focus not enrollment. Criminal charges need to be filed. Can’t a resident call the police and make a official complaint to be investigated. This mother needs to use her voice more: Where are the Children and Missing? Where are the Children??

  12. First and foremost tell them the truth don’t hold anything back, you will need all the help and all the you can find

  13. First and foremost my heart goes out to everyone who lost a loved one in those fires…
    Very sad …

    My opinion on the matter of kids going to school why don’t you supply them with laptops so they can do online school for now until you figure out a solution …
    Just a thought.

    Prayers for everyone worldwide ❤

  14. Hold classes on the grass, in the church or find a hotel conference room. Find any empty space that is safe. Make it happen.

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