FOUND | 9-Year-Old Missing Girl Triggers Amber Alert

The missing 9-year-old girl that triggered an #AmberAlert in New York has been found. Police say Charlotte Sena was found in good health and that a suspect is in custody. Sena vanished over the weekend while riding her bike around the family campsite in a park, prompting the alert.


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    1. Is Craig Ross that allegedly abducted Charlotte, related to Charles Ross that was arrested about a week ago for filming younger girls not far from there?

  1. I’m having a horrible day, but I’m so glad that at least something positive happened in the world today.

    1. I’m having a horrible day, as well. I couldn’t have handled another horrible story – so glad for this good ending. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    1. @debbitprokop9401 I’ve been thinking about Charlotte from Saturday night. I’m in Europe, and thought she would be taken far away in the U.S. by Sunday evening, I just feared it was too late. Getting news that she was found alive and well brought happy tears to my eyes. I wish Charlotte and her family peace and healing.

    2. Yes. This helps heal the hopelessness I think we have all been feeling. And something has to done about New York’s ridiculously liberal laws. This ped…… had been sentenced to 15 years, but they let him go. everybody knows these criminals can’t change. Not that they don’t want to, it’s just an incurable situation. It is like letting a rabid dog run free–just damn dumb. Lock ’em up.

    3. It’s sad that she had to go through this. But as someone who keeps up with a lot of cases, I’m so thankful she was found alive and healthy. I can’t imagine what she went through. But so many of us are rooting for her.

  2. So happy she is found. Omg, only imagine her parents and the stress they went through over the 48 hrs. Much love and prayers to them. ❤

  3. All of our prayers across the world were answered! THANK YOU JESUS!!! I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders when I heard the news… I can’t imagine what her and her family are feeling!!! My prayers for healing are with Charolette. 🙏🏻💜

  4. The community did exactly what John Walsh always says – keep it in the media and keep people sharing until they’re found. Great job everyone!

  5. If sexual predators were locked up in prison for life, then this would have never happened! Sexual predators always reoffend and often escalate to murder. The woman who was recently raped and killed was raped/murdered by a sexual offender who had been released from jail. What needs to happen to keep these monsters locked up for life?!! So infuriating
    I pray this child wasn’t sexually assaulted by this monster
    And if anyone disagrees with my assessment of sexual predators, please keep your comments to yourself

    1. I agree!!! They are unable to be rehabilitated!!! I saw an interview of a child molester and he said he is unable to control his urges and needs to be behind bars. He was blatantly honest about it and I will never forget his words. He said he could never be trusted around little girls and no amount of therapy or medications would change him. He knows it’s a sickness that has no cure. I wish and pray the laws would change regarding these pedophiles.

  6. So glad she was found safe. I’m praying for the healing of Charlette and her family. I wish them all of the best.

  7. God bless her little soul. I pray she has not been harmed in any way. Bless the family I can’t imagine what they went through. This is a great day. Also thank you to everyone that was out there looking for this little princess.

    1. @Abelis 🇺🇦 I don’t live in a fantasy world. She is forever changed. You can go back to name calling and praising the angels and feel so good about you.

    1. Seems like being involved right away, the police and everyone was involved asap not waiting 24 hours, amber alert. Her parents notified the authorities within seconds of her missing. Also the suspect doing a ransom note helped.

  8. Oh my goodness I had chills all over my body with this amazing news! I’m so happy she was found! Jesus Christ is Lord!

  9. Thank God she was found. She has a long road ahead. There is only one solution for the person responsible.

    1. ​@EspressoBugand castration wouldn’t work, the immediate gunshot to his head ending his ability to do this again

  10. YES!!!! The Good Guys finally get a Win! Babygirl you’re stronger than you know! Please don’t let this trauma affect her mentally one day, God please take that “cup” from her. ❤️💪🏻

    1. justice for charlotte sena lock the animal up for his last day on earth . my thoughts are with her and family and friends in her healing

  11. I truly believe that everyone from boots on the ground to YouTube to social media by keeping this in the news I believe helped save this precious girl!

  12. This poor little girl is gonna need a lifetime of support to heal from that 48 hour nightmare. I hope she is feeling safe and loved tonight.

    1. I don’t agree, people recover from trauma. Thank God she is alive…you don’t recover from death.

    2. ​@Polkadot SuzanneBeing told “at least you aren’t dead” is extremely shortsighted and will not help this girl at all. Part of your comment eludes to this. Your disagreement is confusing. She will still need help. Things that happened, especially during formative years, stay with us. She will indeed recover ❤ I do agree with that

    3. @Polkadot Suzanne I totally agree. No need to saddle her with a sad future, clinging to this one traumatic episode. I was severely abused as a child by my mother. I’ve lived a very good life and I’m an “up” person, with a great career and wonderful friends, as well as a happy, loving 25-year marriage. Yes, there have been issues of anxiety here and there, but I work through them and my life is joyful.

    4. ​@marthawoodworth no offense but there is a huge difference between your story and Charlotte’s. I grew up in a violent home so I know what it’s like but her story is nowhere near the same. Yes, she will go on to have a good life (thankfully!!), but this incident will no doubt change her as a person and will change how she views the world and her trust in others. If she was assaulted in any way, that is another layer of trauma. She will likely be dealing with this trauma in someway for the rest of her life. That does not mean she won’t have a good life.

    5. She is a tough cookie and she did something right to survive. She is a strong girl and won’t suffer. ❤

  13. I screamed and freaked out when you said she was found!! I clapped and cheered to myself! I am here in Canada and I have been so upset and broken hearted since this story came out.
    Dear, sweet Charlotte! I am beyond happy that you are back with your family!
    I hope that they fry the guy that took this little sweetie. ❤
    My heart goes out to this little girl and her family, and well wishes for everyone’s recovery. ❤❤

    1. @PamMoon
      I did too. I was in the bathroom when I heard and I yelled out to my kids hat she was found/rescued 😊. I know TMI, I was just that excited I couldn’t wait 😊.

    1. @Mark Courtney maybe in the world you live in and that is sad. Everywhere? There would be no one left except monsters. Most monsters I see are law enforcement

    2. ​@flatearthkushbe cautious & smart & you are less likely to need law enforcement whom you say are the monsters. Being carefree & thinking LE are the monsters could be the result of a personal encounter but it’s not the general rule.

    3. This is why you shouldn’t. This is a crazy world now with sick individuals. I have 3 kids and I never let them go anywhere without close family. I never let them have sleepovers or really anything. now as adults they understand why I wouldn’t let them do anything. Keep your children close to you always.

  14. If they gave child predators as much time as they give drug dealers our kids would be much safer!!! I’m so happy this baby was found alive. I pray for healing.

    1. Agree 💯 with your comment! These predators is getting away with way too much and our children are paying the price for it! Lock them up for life cus these people can’t be cured or helped!

    2. Very irresponsible parent why let her go outside unsupervised in today sick world why no picture off kidnapper must be the usual suspect

  15. Many people don’t realize that stranger abductions, though rare, usually result in the child being killed within 3 hours. Getting these alerts out is crucial!

    Incidentally, she’s a beautiful child and had to be clever to stay alive. Such good news!

    1. @Angela I’d heard rumblings amongst LE officers I know that it was her friend’s dad, but I don’t know if that’s right. It’s not lining up with stuff coming out now, so they could have been wrong.

    2. ​@KeatonMask….Horribly, her “friend’s dad” would have probably killed her to keep her from identifying him.

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