Jason Momoa Exposes Oprah & The Rock’s EVIL Maui Donation Scam

Jason Momoa Exposes Oprah & The Rock’s EVIL Maui Donation Scam
The Aquaman star felt compelled to use his Instagram platform to alert his followers about scammers who are deceitfully soliciting money from fans under the pretense of supporting the Maui wildfire disaster relief efforts. In a video message, he disclosed that impostors on social media have been impersonating him, fraudulently requesting funds purportedly for donation to Maui. He said: "It's deeply heartbreaking and disgusting to know that there are people attempting to take advantage of this tragedy."

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  1. Those “nonprofit” organizations operational expenses are nuts, the ACLU said it cost them $86k to provide Johnny Depp with the documents for his case against Amber Heard… $86k to attach a few files to an email, now imagine the cost these “nonprofits” deduct from donations for their “operational” costs

    1. Must have been huge considering the thirteen hundred dollar a night hotels with a thousand people from fema

  2. None of the land she grabbed, nor her private security can protect her from the wrath of the people. Swam too long with too many shady people learning corrupt practices… and now she should pay for her arrogance.

    1. But is he giving any of his many millions to help them and is he using his influence and popularity to pressure his rich friends and politicians !?

    2. No worry Hawaii always take care there own always….
      We are the warriors of not only Defense, We are even stronger warriors of surviving life rotations… 💪💪 Do not forget your higher power creator of all things…

  3. I trust nothing Oprah says or does.
    How much Maui land does Oprah own?
    Does Dwayne Johnson also own land?
    These two people are insanely rich. Why are they not ‘giving’ themselves from that wealth?
    Trust them… I don’t think so.

    1. Okra owns 20,000 acres & has a working farm, so like 2 properties, yet nothing out of pocket from her or the rock 🪨

  4. My daughter lived in Hawaii on the island of O’ahu. They had a house there. She told me you can’t own the land, you lease it and you can build your house on it. If this is true, how can these celebrities own it? I also find it suspect that the celebrity land is not touched by fire.

    1. That’s right. My husband’s from O’ahu. I lived there several years. His parents’ and aunties’ and uncles, homes were fee simple. They bought in the 1950s. A lot of homes are leasehold. If you have enough money, sometimes you can pay off the lease and buy it outright in fee simple. A friend did that.

      I’m sure the land barons like Oprah bought outright in fee simple. Also it may have been raw land when she bought it. We owned a small lot on the big island. Raw land. It was fee simple.

      We moved away a long time ago. With all the hotels, foreign investors and celebrities buying, it took two or three low paying jobs for working class people to buy something. Our first apartment was nasty and took half our income. We decided to move to the mainland.

      It’s sad what happened to local people. Now it’s happening everywhere. Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street plan to own 60% of US homes. They already have large interests in 80% of corporations.

      There’s not a city on the mainland where our kids will be able to buy a house. Nobody makes that kind of money. Corporations and oligarchs do.

      It’s bad enough the US took Hawaii from the kingdom. At least treat the people like citizens. So disgusting. Oprah’s pretty cynical. Here reputation is circling the drain.

    1. They are just a greedy, gluttonous breed of people who constantly want more and more; despite what they already have. How much money do they think they need in a lifetime. They definitely aren’t taking it all with them or i wonder if they are going to try and conjure up help to do that too?

    2. You sure got that right that’s right no kids no nothing and she’s worth two and a half billion dollars she could donate more money than the whole United States of America could

    1. Jason was talking about someone pretending to be him on instagram,that’s what he was saying was disgusting not Oprah and Wayne Johnson. It’s clickbait, However think these two are extremely Ballsy asking us ordinary hardworking Americans for money

    2. @Lilly’s world To be fair, he also said he would never ask for money. And when he gave a charity to donate to, he did NOT name Oprah’s charity…. I wonder why?? (Hint: Cuz her charity ISNT going directly to the families)

    3. Did you hear him accuse Oprah or Dewayne of any wrong doing?? I sure didnt….but I bet you didn’t even watch the video…..

  5. Jason hammered it, Thank you. . It is pure evil. But I honestly believe this abomination was sanctioned, and a higher authority approved it.

    1. These fires start in grass and require high winds. Lasers (according to you experts) cannot burn/ignite/melt plant matter, only metal. What happens when you stoke a fire with more air (oxygen)? It heats up.

  6. Of course it’s a scam, last thing Oprah wants is for these people to get back on their feet. You see, when you’re really really rich, It’s never enough.🙄

  7. Thanks for speaking up, Jason! It’s disgusting to hear Billionaire, Oprah ask for donations! As I
    recall, she freaked out when, in Paris, she was banned from buying a designer purse! She
    should be giving mega bucks to the victims of this tragedy!!

    1. He could donate some of his money. He was trying to tell people donate too. Jason fooling yall. He’s an actor he lying with a straight face

  8. How sick are these people… billionaire’s & multi millionaire’s.. pleading to people who, can’t live to feed their children or pay their bills.
    Shame on them!!

  9. We all know what’s going on. We’re not dumb. I just hope we all take a BIG stand against them. Let them all know that this Evil will not be tolerated. #IStandwithMaui

  10. Jason and Keanu Reeves have all my respect for speaking the truth and helping financially anonymously as they have done before

    1. Real heroes are always the ones you don’t hear about.

      But those that jump into spotlight for fame or other motives, those are sharks 🦈

  11. It’s insulting that we’re not supposed to notice Oprah’s delivery of essentials is all for show because if she was genuinely thinking of the people of Maui even in the most basic provisional way she would have a team, on the ground, in action while she liaises with the affected people, making notes, lists and what not.

  12. Many people have said she knew FAR ahead of time what was going to happen, and some even claim she hired fire-fighters to guard her property….if any of that is true, then what a slap in the face to those suffering victims!

    1. Money talks. I’d want my property protected too. They could have said no. Did she force the fire fighters to go there?

    2. If Oprah did this she should pay for it with jail time and I don’t know if the rock knew what he was getting into

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