Manipur Weeps I ‘Our Children May Be Dead” I Manipur’s Missing Children I Barkha Dutt At Ground Zero

Across Manipur, families, both among the Meitei and Kuki communities are seeking justice. Women are leading many of these protests. Mojo Story reports on one such protest in the heart of Imphal. Families from the Meitei community allege that their teenage children, one who dreamt of being a doctor. are missing and now and feared dead. They blame the Kuki community for this disappearance after a phone was recovered belonging to one of the children

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  1. Not that I do not pity the family of missing children as a mother myself.

    I condemn the Meitei Women who blocked the ambulance carrying the 7 year old child who was shot, and was eventually burnt alive along with his mother and her friend both of whom were from the Meitei community themselves.

    These Meitei Women group who call themselves Meira Paibis, deserve to be charged for their involvement in aggravating the violence in Manipur.

    They are nothing but protectors of the Meitei terrorists and rapist.

    1. Realy guys if kukis are effecting then it’s true or Meitei children or anyone effecting by this violence it’s not reality. They are faulty shame on u guys

    2. I m working on churchanpur on that time, i am the one who survived by kukis attacking on Meitei, did u want prove for this violence only by Meitei, kukis are innocent. U r wrong. Did u see they have advance wapons. If they are not terorist then how they got that wapons. Can u explained

    3. @Pia
      There is nothing to be ashamed of if we stand by facts and truth.
      As I have said, as a mother myself, I pity the parents of the missing children.

      However, I condemn these Meitei Women group who call themselves Meira Paibis.
      1) Not only had they participated in burning alive the 7 year old child, his mother and her friend, both of whom by the way are from the Meitei community themselves.

      2) The Meira Paibis had also demanded the release of the 12 meitei terrorists whom the Indian Army and the Assam Rifles had apprehended on the 24th of June, 2023 with arms, ammunitions and war-like stores during the search operation they had conducted in Itham.
      One of the men apprehended was the mastermind behind the ambush of the 6th Dogra in 2015, killing 20 Indian Soldiers and injure 11.

      3) They had also protested against the arrest of more culprits who had participated in the video gone viral since according to them 7 out of the almost 1000 were already arrested.

      If you wish to support such women. Do so.
      But as a woman and mother myself…I am unable to agree with their gory behavior.

  2. We want justice to each and every victims in Manipur. All lives matter. Supreme court of India please serve justice to all. Praying for peace 😢

    1. @Pia lol…supreme court is the one that violated its own criminal procedure rules and released bilkis bano gangrapist convicts

  3. How is it possible that these students ventured out into kuki area that too when violence had already taken place between the two communities. I think there may be other factors which needs to be investigated in details instead of coming to one conclusion.

    1. In NTT news channel video went viral where the missing girl can be seen beheaded, she might had also been raped by kukis for 5 days after she was abducted by kuki and brought to churchandpur

  4. Burkha you’re doing good. I’m so painful the missing ones. But those women are the ones who were burning ambulance with a kid and his mom and aunty

    1. Only some meitei are missing, a lot’s a lot’s of kuki lost their life. Kill by monsters 👹

  5. Without accurate evidence, you cannot put a blame on Kukis.

    Dear fellows, We all can acts or can play many roles infront of the people but not from God .

    If you do good to others , blessing ll come back .

    But if you destroy others ,the same people might not take revenge but definitely your time will come. Get ready for that.

    Dont cry ,dont regret later on👍
    Good luck 🤞

    1. On tracking their phones it is found to be handled by kukis and their last location is found to be in a kuki dominated area. What more evidence do u want apart from this? Do u need photos n videos for every incident?

    2. Police should be given full power to investigate. Lawlessness cannot be law in Zoo dominated area. No one is above the law.

    3. From your comment we have come to know that it was not you who abducted the two teenagers obviously. Proud of you brother keep on doing good work. God is with you. 💪💪

    4. @Rati Hajarimayum what were they doing in the kuki dominated area in the first place?? Now Don’t tell me that the kukis came to meitei dominated area and kidnapped them ..whats is the logic ??

  6. So sad, i can feel her pain. Imagine if your family members goes missing and all the rumours that has been going around.

  7. So tragic indeed Even young children are not spared My heart goes out to these families May their hopes be fulfilled n reunited with their children soon

  8. Many innocent people r losing their life without any reason for some evil leaders from both community😢😢😢heart broken

  9. So proud of a very responsible journalist like Barkha Dutt…Your contribution to Manipur is phenomenal…Praying for peace in Manipur !!!

    1. Honorable sir request you to recheck the veracity of information, or the reliability of burkha dutt during the Kargil war .

  10. How sad is she when her daughter dissappears….yet what they did to others daughters tells a different story

  11. We condemn the state government central government for all these issues in Manipur and we urge both communities to come together and resolve these problems at the earliest

  12. Most comments here are dreadful 😢 … where is the compassion? Where is the love ? Both parties in this conflict are suffering. Let us try to soothe the wound not further inflict it…

    Let the meira paibi or anyone blame whomever they want, but us, as spectators of this chaos let us be compassionate to both parties here…

    Homes burned down, innocent people gunned down etc etc … there is so much of bitterness and pain, the least we can do is say a word of compassion to comfort them not add salt to the open wound…

    Calling a mother in pain as performing drama is totally arrogant… it just hurts 😢 so much to see how cruel we can be…

    This is my appeal to all the others communities here let us spread love… instead of taking sides and provoking more hatred.

    May God heal Manipur

  13. So sad.. I feel sad for both communities. Anger, jealousy , hate brings only distruction. No one can escape from this fire. Be calm. And save yourselves.

  14. I’ll repeat this time and again, my heart goes out to the family of the lost teens. I hope and pray they are safe and sound somewhere and found soon. But please refrain from blaming one particular community without proof.

    1. Sounds like a good human. Let’s pray they are safe and alive. Let’s bring peace as soon as possible. Let’s pray

  15. I thought these women are heartless criminals when they chant dead and burn to dead women and children ,entire family on their way to hospitals in ambulance. Now they are crying. … These women gives me goosebumps!!!!!

    1. ​@crazy guyIt’s true. The meira paibis burned a 7 year old kuki-meitei mixed child along with his meitei mom and aunt while they were on their way to the hospital.

      The 7 year old was earlier shot by some meitei goons.

  16. I can’t understand why would you let your children go for roaming around in such a volatile situation?? I can feel the pain but find it illogical to blame someone without proof

  17. How many people lost their lives among kukis?? I cant explain how painful it was for them😢😢


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