Maui Missing Children| Update on Maui Fires searches | Teachers Pressured to Go Back to Work!

Maui Missing Children| Update on Maui Fires searches | Teachers Pressured to Go Back to Work!
Down the Rabbit Hole News provides updates on this tragedy of the Maui fires and missing children.
Maui Lahaina fires| TEACHERS TO RETURN TO WORK? Children STILL MISSING from Lahaina! Where are they?
Maui Lahaina fires| Missing Kids Teachers leads efforts to remember the kids of Lahaina
Maui Lahaina fires| Teachers from Elementary School give interview| Where are the children?
Down the Rabbit Hole News provides commentary to this tragedy
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  1. Thank you for being tenacious on this. It is being ignored by most press and 2,000 missing kids is insane to me. We want to know where they are!!

    1. You know how the media Loves to interview a frantic Mother having a dramatic meltdown searching for her children.
      Have you seen one?

    2. @Frank Robinson There is common sense and there is this sort of thing. I’m currently using the online responses to the Lahaina fire for my Phd thesis. I find it fascinating.
      You can help me with this.
      What does the color Blue mean to you?

  2. This horrific situation just keeps getting worse for the Survivors! Imo they should not even be talking about going back to school until EVERYONE has a safe place to live and time to heal. And I definitely don’t agree with them trying to bus those poor kids across the island 2x day. School needs to be local, they have been through enough!!! My blood boils and my heart breaks over their continued mistreatment 🤯💔😭

    1. Good to know though that those kids are with family and not missing, like some people claimed. And yes they should try to provide schooling close to home. The latest I heard is that they are hoping that the 3 schools in Lahaina that were not destroyed can be opened after fall break.

    2. @sabine reynaud there are still 2000 children that haven’t checked in with their education system. So we still do not have answers as to those unaccounted for children!

  3. Something is really off here. I feel sick to my stomach about all the reports that I keep hearing from the people there. It appears what we are observing is a major cover-up. As for the kids being relocated to different schools and so forth, it feels that what school officials are attempting is to obfuscate the situation so that the community never comes together effectively and start organizing amongst themselves. If this were to happen a lot more self accounting would occur and the community could determine the extent of the damage and people that are missing. Call this an attack on accounting. What no one can prove will be a victory for the interest who want to minimize the reported damages done to Lahaina. It is disgusting.

    1. Exactly, it’s a way to cause more confusion, and isolate the victims from support – which they clearly like to isolate them and now they’re trying to separate the victims from each other

      The families need to hold their ground, stay in their communities and help each other homeschool the kids until they can rebuild their homes

  4. 🤯🤬 there’s no end to the anger I have for how these poor people are being treated!! This is a mass grave that needs to be handled the way the people wish and according to the locals they are not being given any voice or information!!!

    1. @MAIDintheUSA I’m afraid they have passed away along with hundreds of elderly and up to 3,000 of their pets. The children, elderly and defenseless animals never had a chance. No sirens or alarms were sounded and from what I’ve seen mostly just abled bodied people barely got out. Even then.. those who listen to the police went straight towards the fire. Those who defied the police orders lived. It’s so insane it’s hard to even comprehend!! 😢😔

    2. You are so right. I can feel your hurt and frustration behind your words. Keep talking about it, keep spreading that heartfelt message.

    3. @MAIDintheUSA It was said that the fire spread 1 mile per minute, so I am terribly afraid the majority of them are gone, along with elders. With no alarm, these kids surely didn’t know what was happening. Even if they looked out, they were surely never told what to do in case of a “wildfire”….tsunami maybe, but who expects an entire town to catch fire?…this had to have been deliberate… in a residential area does NOT spread this fast.

    4. @susan harris I had no idea the fire spread that incredibly fast. That can’t be close to normal even with the hurricane winds. The fire spread 1 mile per minute?? Chemtrails must be sprayed in Hawaii, too. What they spray is supposed to be highly flammable and they’ve been doing it since the 90’s. With HARRP stati○ns they can modify/change the weather/winds/direction. Someone commented on the unusual pattern of the winds that day. We need to stay curious, keep investigating, put the pieces of the puzzle together and constantly pray for the people of Lahaina and that GOD continues to reveal the TRUTH of these fires to the PEOPLE of THE WORLD. (Because it can happen anywhere.)

  5. They need to take one day at a time. I don’t believe that busing children away from their family is the answer and requiring teachers to “get back to work”. Staying united is their strength and working together as a community. I hope They do just that! Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose, stay strong Maui.


    1. Melted cars with grass still on the ground and visible pieces of wood fence not touched. Cars don’t melt like that in a fire. There is something really sinister going on here.. Lasers?

    2. This is graphic, but…The extreme heat from the car being on fire basically incinerated them when they burned. There MIGHT be small bone fragments, but mostly ash.😢 Basically like a cremation.

    3. I hate to say this surly 1 of those children must have had blue jumper on wonder what colour there shool uniform is

  7. Why haven’t the parents of all these missing children making a public fit? If my child was unaccounted for, the whole world would hear me crying out with anguish and anger!

    1. Yes, I was wondering about that as well? Of course as a parent you would want to keep hope for a miracle as long as possible. But sadly, reality will eventually have to be delt with. I couldn’t imagine the pain😪

    2. I wonder if they perished with their kids, on hearing and seeing the fire, they must have rushed in to save their loved babies but could not get out of that inferno!!! 😫😫😫😫😭😭😭

  8. I was part of the Camp fire in Paradise California. We lost almost our whole town with over 30,000 people displaced. It may sound crazy but having the schools continue as soon as possible after the fire really helped. We held school in towns close to home. We were back living on our ridge 3 months after the fire. I pray for everyone going through this tragedy! Prayers from Paradise Ca to Maui.

    1. Did you experience any of the strange anomalies seen in the Maui fires?? I’m curious as I’ve heard many testimonies from locals in Paradise California who’ve said they saw many of the strange things that seem unnatural. Sending you my love ❤

    2. I’m sorry for your loss and pray you are healing. This is how I feel too. I lost my first husband when he was 39 very unexpectedly. We had 8 children ages 4 to 16 and a baby on the way. Our baby was born the day after his funeral 8 weeks early and not expected to live past 3 days. My children only missed one week of school. I felt it was important to live forward and restore some normalcy in our lives. We had sad, heart wrenching days but were lifted by sharing space with those we knew and loved. Moving forward is very healing.

    3. ​@loriedavis9410 prayers for you Lori. But in this day and age we are living in. I wouldn’t send my kids to any public school system.
      I hope things are getting better for you and your family.

  9. The police commissioner/coroner can hide anyything he wants that is why the jobs should be separated. Follow the money that these people in authority are getting for this cover-up.
    Stay united lovely people of Lahaina

  10. I said in 2021 when they wanted people to send their kids back to school after the lockdown not to give your children back to the state… and I say the same thing here…
    What is happening on Maui is horrific but the danger to the children is the same on the mainland… Stop giving your children to the state… If they can’t butcher them while they are in your care, they will take them from you all together.

    1. I don’t know for united States but here in Quebec Canada they passed the law C15 in spring WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE IN QUEBEC ? that children do not belong to biological parents ? They can take them from you . . ?

    2. @Louise Sabourin Canada has become so communist in such a short period of time. I am worried for you and for the US. People need to vote out the Democrats, or liberal party, first of all. I see them as the biggest problem.

    3. @Sue W The deteriorating state of the world testifies to its imminent end. When the wicked ones sprout as the vegetation and all the practicers of what is hurtful blossom forth, it is that they may be annihilated forever ( Psalms 92v 7 ) .
      What will God do ? He will soon replace all governments with is own heavenly government , THE KINGDOM OF GOD. ( Daniel 2v.44,45 ) .

  11. Nothing is right with this whole thing. I’m devastated about wondering where all these missing citizens are?!!! I’m sick of all thevsupport we give other countries, but Maui gets bare scratching! Government needs to be brought up on charges for all the heinous BS they’ve done! I really believe this was deliberate!

  12. He said it correctly. The leaders say the will listen to community voices., BUT They already have their plans in place. I’ve dealt with this in the past. They think you will go away and stop complaining if you think they listened to you. It’s such arrogance and condescending attitude on their part

  13. It is reprehensible that, to date, all the missing have not been accounted for. I realize the challenges for identification, but the location of where the bodies are found should be of help to the families, and the communities. Prayers for all. ✝️💟🙏🏻

  14. Thank you for continuing to report on this important subject.

    Would it be possible to compare the names on the register from the last school year with names of students enrolled for this coming year from all the local schools? This would identify who is missing. (So long as the new enrolments were made in the last 2 weeks.)

    With all my heart i hope the children are found. ❤

  15. I AGREE 100% with you! This is a community-based traumatic experience. There should be mental health professionals on hand for the community at large… I understand the notion of getting back to some semblance of normalcy, but transporting students across an island ISN’T NORMAL and shouldn’t be expected to be UNLESS that is what the long-term goal is! (Hmm.. suspicious, bc then in time the argument will be they “need” to stay here bc they are used to it)… UH hard NO. You can educate the children as close as you can to all that is familiar, as near as you can to what is already familiar and SAFE for them! Healing for all will begin to take place when the children and teachers (and parents) are provided a ‘safe’ space to speak and exist! The children will heal when they can be a part of and can see the progress being made; not excluded and transported elsewhere. Resilience is going through hardships and making one’s way through the challenge to the other side. As a former teacher can you imagine not only the academic skills and growth that can occur in writing (their experiences) and in Math (what does rebuilding structures/gardens/etc. entail? In that will be emotional healing in time. IMO

  16. Don’t let your children go anywhere with the authorities; keep them near you at all times if possible. If you let them go you might never see them again, there are very evil people out there, as you already know. May God keep you all safe, my prayers are with you all.

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  17. This young woman is pouring her heart and soul into reporting info to us. I am thankful for all the work she is doing.

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