Missing 9-year-old girl Charlotte Sena found in ‘good health’ l GMA

The 9-year-old girl who went missing last weekend while on a bike ride at an upstate New York park has been found, police announced Monday evening.

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  1. I’m so happy and relieved for all her family well done to all who have brought her safely home

    1. thank those involved, your imaginary friend did nothing, religion creates these scumbags that prey on children

    2. Seek therapy, putting others down for wishing someone well? If you don’t believe that’s fine, there’s no reason for you to be so nasty!

  2. Outward and physically unharmed… The emotional and mental harm after something like this takes so much longer to heal from 🫂🫂❤❤ I hope for healing for her 🙏

  3. Little lady bug I’m so glad you made it home safely so sorry for what you have had to go through bless your heart sending prayers and hugs

  4. Well done for being brave, dear Charlotte. You helped yourself and everyone else to save you, by being brave. Best wishes from England.

  5. Very happy to hear she was found safe and sound! Pray that she heals from this traumatizing event and is covered with love and support <3

  6. Thank GOD, she was found safe! I can’t even imagine what the parents went through until she was found. So happy for this ending…

  7. So happy that she was found safe and returned to her family! I wish them notthing but goodness and healing!

  8. What a wonderful relief…..I can’t imagine what she and her loved ones have been through. These stories usually have terrible endings…

    1. This little girl was sooo lucky!! I wish all the cases like this one have had a happy ending. Thank God this guy had a prior record, they had his fingerprints and that he was stupid enough to leave his fingerprints on the note, and thank God he didn’t abuse the little girl. Also, thank God for the Police Officers that did such a fine job! Kudos for all the people that were able to bring the little girl back to her parents.

    2. There’s too many laws about who can be said to be missing or left on their own will. The threshold is too high for 98% of cases. So they go unsolved and another state has an unidentified doe. The connections made decades later with dna, if ever. 😢

  9. Thank goodness she is physically safe. I cannot imagine how scared she would have been. I send all the best to her and the family.

  10. Such good news!!!! So happy! The parents must be so relieved! Don’t ever let her out of your sight again!!!

  11. When I first saw the coverage about Charlotte missing I immediately prayed for her safe return to her family 🙏🏼 I’m so thankful to the good Lord for answering all our prayers ♥️ Welcome home, Charlotte!

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