More than 30 kids reported missing in Cleveland in May | Elizabeth Vargas Reports

An alarming number of children have been disappearing in Cleveland, with more than 30 reported missing over a two-week span at the start of May — many of them without their pictures on the city's missing persons website.

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  1. “It’s important that the public knows there’s no panic.” is code for “They’re from the shitty side of town so no need for the rest of us to worry.” Good god.

    1. Exactly how I deciphered it because this most certainly needs to be a ‘panick’! They’re kids!!!!!

  2. Can someone please give us some concrete answers. What are the parents saying? Did they file missing person reports? Any amber alerts go out in the area?
    Let’s says some of these teenager are “runaways” What if they were tricked by an online predator, the police should still be looking for them.
    They sound so dismissive and the first thing he said is these are most likely teens runaway. This is not normal. Why havent all of the parents banded together to find their children or talk to the media?

    1. @msAK85 Still very strange we haven’t heard from any of the parents. I don’t see them on the news crying begging to find their children.

    2. ​@Bella AppleSo true! Where are the parents? Unless they are selling their kids. I would include that possibility, cause why nothing to news sources? So so weird. America has lost its mind!

  3. This first guy needs to get fired. 30 kids in one month come on. If 30 little Becky’s went Missing in one month the national guard would be called In with the whole cast of criminal minds

    1. He’s not the chief of Cleveland police where these kids are missing…. he’s the chief of a suburb outside of Cleveland. It’s not his jurisdiction.

  4. Wish they had discussed cell phone tracking. Kids this age always have their phone with them – so are the phones at home ? If not, where are they ? And what messages / calls / emails have they investigated ? The police should be able to get access to all of that.

    1. why is there NO information on any of them? Not even “last seen” place or clothing for most of them!

    1. MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION*****Five would be enough alarm to me to set up a task force to be investigating this IMMEDIATELY!!! How many black kids went missing in Atlanta before anyone did a damn thing about it??? WTH is wrong with these guys. NEWS NATION, STAY ON TOP OF THIS!! If you don’t, NO ONE WILL.

    1. Ikr like where tf did they all go? Meet up at the same place smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ like come tf on now

    2. @Mz. Indy, ask WHITE GUY IN WHITE SHIRT, if his kids picture was in this group, WOULD HE BE PANICKING THEN??? Scary thought for that dude to be my law enforcement. I see this as immediate concern.

    3. What you said. No excuses okay. I pray they not being groomed somewhere & that they are found safely.

  5. Wow the lack of concern and urgency for these kids is upsetting. I bet if they weren’t 90% a certain demographic this would be worldwide amber alert news!

    1. Kids from bad neighborhoods tend to run around like latch key kids with little to no supervision. That leads to these kids ending up disappearing which isn’t shocking.

    2. The fact that they are all of a certain demographic should be of concern, it could have meaning, like there being targeted, maybe?

    1. It’s such bullshit, them saying there is a high possibility of them being runways, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. They’re still children, there are still descriptions of these children that don’t have photos. There are family’s concerned and these assholes need to get their asses and gear and look for these babies before it’s too late and it becomes more than just a “runaway” situation.

    2. @Quay__Quay__ it’s already more than a runaway situation and they know it. I put nothing past anyone. Their dismissive demeanor would have me looking at the ppl around them specifically cause they are too unbothered. Assuming and blaming the kids for being abducted by painting them out to be runaways as if that means they shouldn’t be looks for. This is just a sad story. Makes me suck to my stomach

  6. Let me remind y’all that this was the place that three women were abducted for nearly 15 to 20 years wasn’t it? Smmfh They play it down and blame it on runaways , then have the nerve to say once there on the street there acceptable to trafficking and other things 🤦🏽‍♂️ wow just wow ! That was the most pathetic excuse ever!

  7. Over 30 kids gone but we don’t get names, ages, gender of any of them? Just seven tiny pictures, anonymous templates and a chill announcement that they are missing and to take pictures of your kids in case they run away? Weird.

  8. What they’re not telling anyone is that, this is happening mainly all around Ohio..Franklin County has more kids missing..So yes, something isn’t right….

  9. The fact not al media outlets are reporting this is concerning as heck. If I lived there I’d move immediately it’s not just the kids it’s adults as well. That’s concerning AF

  10. This sounds just like what happened to black children in Atlanta years ago. Praying 🙏🏽 for these kids and their families!😢

    1. You are absolutely right! To this day still haven’t bothered to charge anybody but knows damn well who did it.

    2. @Earl MorrisI’ve Always Believed, He Was an Escape Goat!! He Might Have Killed Up To 5, But The Numbers They Have, It’s No Possible Way!!!!

  11. In 2023 and the era of social media and mobile phones, I find it highly unusual for no one to have current pictures of a missing kid.

  12. To say you haven’t seen something like this in your 33 years on the job then to downplay it is strange. Then to say there aren’t recent pictures yet say these kids were probably into social media is also odd. It’s giving HUMAN TRAFFICKING and/or ORGAN HARVESTING and A COVER UP!

    1. @twan eva You know what’s happening my friend! Clues & Codes hence the 33 ! Smh crazy times we live in.

  13. You’ll never convince me that there are no pictures of these kids. In this day and age. Are you kidding me right now

    1. they are lying there are pictures of these kids, they are all involved, their story does not make sense

  14. Keep covering this story! Get the families on, cover each case. Get the word out about the missing.

  15. The dismissive demeanor of the Chief and the U.S. Marshall is absolutely disgusting and disrespectful. Elizabeth Vargas seemed like she was ready to break character and snap on both of them and she would have been right to do so. This situation is definitely cause for panic!

  16. The Chief has been downplaying this in all of his interviews. He also has some kind of organization to ‘help’ run away kids. He’s suspect to me and needs to be investigated. This is so very sad.

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