New list released of those missing in Maui from the fires | September 1

Maui County and the FBI have published an updated list of people still unaccounted for after the Lahaina fire.


  1. The island is not all burnt
    A town is burnt
    The natives have requested the tourists come back.
    To witness the recovery and help boost the economy .

    The islanders need to work to earn money to make a new home.

    1. Yes, my first instinct was that this fire was man made, with the objective of thinning the ranks of the lower socioeconomic classes. This likely explains why Lahaina had far more casualties than Kihei, where it appears that the wealthier people live.

  2. A fast search and ceremony begins all within a months time then swept under the rug while ganGreen begins his plans. Rush rush rush to push them out of the way.

    The End.

    1. @soundscape26 l prefer to hear from actual people on the ground not lying media or media not on the ground live feeding what is actually happening.

    2. @wilo west People on the ground are not looking for any missing children. You have this list of missing people but they are mostly adults and elderly people. 385 names.

  3. I have known about the “pre-established” number of 115 since August 14, 2023 via CNN well before any alleged completion of any alleged search.

  4. As seeing the case # number next to the people’s names, it went up to case #3000 but we only talking about “hundreds” of people. What other cases apart from deaths could be happening in Maui right now for it be in the # thousands up to 3k???

  5. It needs to be determined why Maui County’s and Hawaii’s elected leaders chose to execute numerous climate initiatives instead of executing fire prevention, fire preparedness, and firefighting initiatives.

    1. @Deborah Kate The fact that no families are grieving/looking for their children should be enough.
      I can reverse the question though, where’s your evidence many children are missing?

  6. Is there no one on the island of Maui who can get to the truth? How do people vote there, by District? Why is there not a list by District then, for Lahaina, Kihei, etc., which either shows the names of residents who have been accounted for, or who have not?

    I keep seeing comments about 2,000 children missing, but how can that possibly be? If even 20 children were missing, there would be 40 irate parents, with their faces and their children’s faces, plastered all over the news and social media outlets! I have yet to see any corroboration beyond allegation.

  7. So say what i believe but there are so many sensitive people on here and rats theys probly report me but i think its something more sinister at play.. instead of donating to red cross find a resident from there and donate directly

  8. If the list was done properly, the 245 names would have been left on the list, but noted as comfirmed to have been located.

  9. It’s pretty noticeable the majority of the people who were unalived are senior citizens. It’s such an evil act of terrorism. I pray that the people get justice.

  10. Only one minor missing?!

    What happened to the 2,025 children reported missing by the State of Hawaii’s Department of Education?!

    It is in the report (Maui Wildlife Impact) written by Keith T. Hayashi, superintendent to
    The Honorable Warren Haruki Chairperson, Board of Education. You can find this information for yourself because it’s public record.

    This report was published on PDF on August 24, 2023, yet nothing has been said to clarify whether these children were found, or have perished.

  11. Beautiful and brilliant Paul Kasprzyski was probably lost while trying to save his art/research at his studio on Wili Ko Place. Miss you, Paul.

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