Rudy Farias update: Teen who went missing 8 years ago in north Houston found ‘in bad shape’

A teen that went missing nearly eight years ago from north Houston has been found safe, the Texas Center for the Missing announced Saturday.

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  1. Interested to know more. Where he was? Who took him & why?? Glad he is home, hope he recovers & gets the love and support he needs.

    1. Are you trying to get epstiened!?! Just keep your head down and hope it doesn’t happen to you!

    2. ​@Sue SallyYes, of the mother. Fictitious disorder imposed on another? Or is she just straight-up lying to create “explanations” for why he may be battered and terrified?

    3. He needs to be away from his family who hid him for all of these years and did what? Who knows poor kid

  2. Please get him all the mental help he can receive. I would hate for him to commit suicide in the end. It’s going to take years of patience considering how many years he’s been gone. All those years he went without help. Sad.

    1. @C.E Arjona Two different news sources claim he has psychological problems even before he went missing. It is said he is in a bad state and I would not be surprised if part of it is mental. To have vanished and turn up later is great but for sure he is going through something serious.

  3. The chance of a 17 year old male getting abducted (and left alive?) is absurdly low. Especially considering it sounds like he made no attempt to contact his family in all this time. Runaway and drugs sounds like the obvious answer, but whatever it was, he’s going to need a ton of professional support.

    1. @J.C Drug abuse and mental illness go hand in hand. But my guess was based on his condition when the story first broke. Now that more information is coming out about his mother possibly knowing where he was the entire time, this got a whole lot more bizarre.

  4. I’m glad they found him and I wish him the best,and I hope he gets help,this sounds like he was abductedand if that’s the case,I hope they catch who ever is involved.

  5. This is crazy my God how could this happen to such a young man when he’s 17 years old. Unreal

  6. to keep a grown man against his will usually ends in a very bad way. this ending is unheard of without a ransom being paid

  7. As a sexual abuse survivor, I find it extremely disturbing that the vast majority of people responding to this story can’t figure out what happened to him. Even moreso, that he just walked off voluntarily.

    1. I saw a report where his mom said he’s speaking very few words… And when he does talk he curls up into fetal position. Very distraught

    2. Sex trafficking, drugs, there are too many bad things and he is too young. My heart goes out to him and his family…
      – veteran

    3. EVERYONE is assuming he was violated for years, what makes you think no one is visualizing that possibility?
      In addition, he most likely DID walk away voluntarily, as he stopped taking meds, became more dysfunctional and had more than one mental issue shortly before he disappeared, which is the reason why the searches were halted back then. Remember, MOST people DO walk away-which is why police treat adult disappearances to be voluntary and not involuntary.

    4. @M. D. bingo, either this or the mother kept him hidden away for the money. I’ve heard people say he’s non verbal autistic so the mother could have done this.

    1. your god also allowed all those bad things to occur to him before he decided to FINALLY help him….

  8. I hope he is able to tell everyone what happened one day. Whoever did this to him needs to be locked up quick.

  9. PTSD J
    & depression doesn’t make you just walk off or run away voluntarily like that. Something happened to him. We just don’t know what.

  10. His mother is a documented scammer and fraudster. His neighbors have stated he’s been there the whole time and have hosted him many times. His mother refuses to allow police to speak from him. He supposedly had cancer when he left. People reported seeing him at a family members backyard, sleeping, years ago. It’s horrific what he’s been through, but it’s all point back to it coming from his own mother’s hand.

  11. Their neighbors said he never desapared , he was there !!!
    what the heck is going on !?
    I suspect major abuse and maybe Muchausen by proxi at his mom .
    Prayers for Rudy ❤

  12. Do an investigation on the mother. If she’s been scamming people she needs to be exposed, arrested and charged. I truly hope the young man is ok.

  13. This is going to be a big story once HPD talk to the mother. It sounds as if she has some pretty significant questions to answer.

  14. To know now that he was actually with his mother the whole time who drugged and physically and SEXUALLY abused him… I can’t wait to find out how he got to the church and what he went through that whole time. I also hope someone sets up a go fund me or P.O. Box for him.

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