The Red Flags Missed in the Tragic Maui Wildfires: 2025 Children Missing

“I’m skeptical about conspiracy theories but wow this has me thinking”,

What could have triggered so many people to come together and ask: what truly happened in Lahaina, Maui on August 8th, 2023? Let’s unpack what happened in Maui and listen closely to what Maui residents have made public.


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  1. this is the kind of investigative journalism i’m all here for. if you can make content like this, please do. many of us could careless about stupid tiktok trends and drama videos. we see the amazing work you’re able to do and the awareness you can bring. please keep it up. and please stay safe 🙏🏼

    1. Agreed I don’t care about npc tiktok or whatever mainly harmless trend on tiktok, people should be spreading awareness about *real* issues

  2. Thanks for keeping some attention on Maui. We are still struggling in Hawaii.we need people to know what’s happening the land grabs, the lack of aid, the world giving up on our people…

    People aren’t listening anymore and they should. Hawaii is a place that has experienced so much trauma from colonization. This is the next phase.

  3. If we hear that Lahaina is being rebuilt into a 15-minute Satellite City, we’ll know that the World Economic Forum had their hands in this. The WEF showed up earlier in the year, offering to rebuild Lahaina into a city where you could reach anything you need within a 15 minute walk of your home. The people in Lahaina refused because they wanted to preserve historical buildings and especially the grave sites of their ancestors. Around 6 months after having their offer turned down, Lahaina is burned to the ground and nobody is allowed to take pictures there under threat of arrest. There is so many poor decisions, suspicious actions, and stifling of information that anyone with two brain cells can see that something nefarious is happening behind the curtains.

    1. Yes, I also saw this information!

      Hadn’t realized it was but 6 measly months later.
      Incredibly blatant!

  4. Those insurance companies saw no violation of city code when they receive payments for insuring the houses in Maui, but they claim violations and refuse to rebuild or pay damages after the fire. Their corrupt and vulturous behavior is sickening.

    1. They should be criminally charged at the very least for fraud. I’m not one for sueing but that’s what it is and the people deserve compensation.

  5. Thank you for keeping this story alive. People emotionally disconnect because what happened here is truly TERRIFYING. Help was available but not offered. Safety was an option, but not facilitated. Crazy. This certainly is incredibly suspicious. The lack of substantial support from a government that supports other countries generously is a scary reality. Where are the children ? How far is Epstein island from Lahaina? My sincere condolences to everybody for the trauma and losses you have suffered. Hold onto your land!

    1. As I watched this unfold my mind was churning w/soo many questions & as the people experiencing this devastating disaster speak from their hearts it is no wonder they are questioning these events with why, who & what questions with no clear answers. They are hurting & need to be heard & honestly responded to!

    2. What I do not understand is why those receiving these orders to stand down are complying. This isnt one person but …a lot of people. Are they selected for these jobs because they do not have a soul?

  6. My heart HURTS for these people and their island. The criminal actions and inaction of the government is unimaginable and infuriating. This needs to be made right already!

    1. @392candACE  sure it does. People don’t educate themselves on who they elect, and I pay the price, so I’m glad they’re gone, not causing problems for me.

  7. This might very well be the most comprehensive account of the storyline and alternative sources and theories, that I have seen so far. Thank you for staying on top of this. I am trying to share wherever I can so that this story does not disappear in the social media fog. Sending my best wishes from Ontario, Canada.

  8. Hi @SpillTea, I just wanna say thank you for putting the effort you did into this video. Not until seeing the way you put it together was I (and others with whom I shared this video) able to see kind of like a time-lapse of what went on in Lahaina. It is evident that the “powers that be” are absolutely involved in this tragedy, and all your research confirms that.

    Many prayers go out to Lahaina families. I’m praying we all stand together against the powers that be that have nothing but evil agendas for us.

  9. Thank you, Spill, for providing the perfect synopsis of the Maui tragedy. If anyone watches this- and still believes this was naturally started…… I have no words. This was an attack. Period. New subscriber!

  10. Isn’t it strange that all the water front properties were destroyed? Where are the children? How it’s possible not to know how many people died in the fire? It’s been two months and we’re still waiting for answers! There are way too many unanswered questions! I don’t believe that the fire was accidental!

    1. No children are missing… jeez, you people. If my friend guys kids were missing on the island, bet you’d be seeing them all over the internet crazy looking for their keiki. That’s not happening. No kids are missing. Stop with your nonsense.

    2. ​@xtymiller exactly. I’m a lahaina resident. Not a single person out here has a missing child. We have a few children who didn’t survive that we have been aware of since the first couple days of the fires but considering we didn’t have a single student in class yet as of the 8th we had no way for anyone to gather up children with zero notice and woosh them away from their parents.

  11. I am native Texan and in my opinion none of this was coincidence. It was all planned by heartless and evil entities. My heart is so sad for these native people. They have been done so wrong and still are not being treated right. I think most Americans who have their eyes open see the truth. And the missing children needs to be found.

    1. Yes, pray for them..this evil against these people. Pray for truth and help these kind Americans 😊❤

  12. Incredible video. You covered so much information in a way that pulls the whole story together in a factual way and giving empathy to those who lived it. This event still hurts me deep to the soul, I pray for all the people suffering and trying to find their way back.

  13. Maui fires were obviously super unusual, unnatural. They need to be investigated and perpetrators held accountable.

    1. Yes, only Donald Trump, will have the crime against the America people of Maui!😂 investigated..looking for A HERO FOR MAUI AND ALL AMERICA😂❤

  14. I am a retired structural firefighter and wildland firefighter for 20 years and there has been another fire that is similar to this one and also describes a green laser beam being shot down from a helicopter which there was a video of said helicopter by a news helicopter that had accidentally shot video of the second helicopter immediately realizing it and turned the camera and then leaked the video out but later of course it was taken down that fire was in Paradise Ca. I think this is absolutely a disgusting situation as a whole and the more information that are leaking out the faster it is shut down

    1. Yep I lived 30 minutes from paradise when it happened. Everyone in our community knew…. But we are all scared. There were more people that died than was reported, and people missing.

  15. I hope that you will get your life back. I believe in the tragedy being planned and being done for a specific purpose. I am so afraid that when you guys will try to stay or don’t want to sell they will take further action which will be even worse! People are waking up to slow. THEY know what they are planning and they are running out of time to save themselves! I am happy so many people are already waking up but more is better!

  16. Thank you for keeping Maui in the front of everyone’s minds. As we’ve all noticed, this story has been swept under the rug as the media has found a new flavor of the month. Truly sad how little our lawmakers think of human life. Those “missing” kids, that’s what bothers me the most. And the worst part is that the people who caused this will get away with it.

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