“They’re blocking you from seeing the truth in Maui” | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

It’s been 22 days since a massive fire destroyed the town of Lahaina on Maui… 2,000 homes incinerated, hundreds of people killed and all in an area largely owned and lived in by long time native islanders. What is really going on here? Why are drones being blocked, residents arrested when they try to return home? Why are 2,000 kids missing? If you want to donate to help the people of Maui you can do so by texting the word "mahalo" to 53-555 and 100% of the money will go to help the victims.

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  1. Finally someone covering this story for the people of Maui…. thank you redacted. This is so sick and frustrating. Those poor ppl

    1. is he though, or is he doing damage control for himself after offering people next to nothing for their land.

    2. @GoddaryuTUBE  yep that’s his goal… 🙄 he is helping people get something instead nothing……

  2. They’re not taking care of the community, they’re taking care of what they’ve done and checking with the lawyers.

  3. I sure hope this wakes people up to the evils of big government, I cannot imagine all the heartache the people are going thru, this is absolutely unacceptable.

  4. There is a fine line between incompetence and plain evil, and I believe the situation in Maui crossed the line. Lahaina was just the beginning. If they get away with whatever happened there, the rest of the country will be next. Stay strong, Maui, stand together and make them reveal the truth. We the people have the power together to expose the evil.

    1. I feel you Melissa. Line is crossed. We can’t give up. All their secrets will come out. Look online where all the fires are around the world. Spread the word, Pray.

    1. Just listen to local news stations like WBEN ALL talking heads on AM radio including Mark Levin AM radio talking heads IGNORING all this and they WILL continue this evil.

  5. I’m really glad you guys talked about the child trafficking issue. That was the first thought in my mind, and I haven’t heard anyone else talking about this.

    1. @Donna Flamez I said child trafficking…which is different than just “talking about the children” Donna. Thanks for your input nearly a week later lol.

    2. It was the first thing the came to mind when I was told about the fire and that the school had sent the children home without telling the parents.

  6. It’s amazing and scary how well those criminals are organized. They have their plans, strategies, and et cetera… it’s spooky at the least

  7. What are the rescuers doing if a woman was allowed to return home and find her child who tried to protect his dog while they both passed away? This is beyond shameful…

    1. That’s what I think. PARENTS probably went home to their children. Someone needs to come forward and explain if there are children and families in the ashes and it is so sad that they fall to complete ashes when touched, and they don’t 2ant to show that, or they can’t find people in the ashes. One or the other. They are supposed to be adding to the death count.
      So the utility company came back at them and said the power had been out for 6 hours that evening after the morning fire.
      The site does need to be recorded with attempts to find all people.

    2. @Cindy Landry I did a search on population (now lost my notes) but the count for 2023 was 4,000+ less than in 2020. It seemed they estimated for after the planned massacre.

    1. The answer to that (who are the victimizers) seems pretty obvious. The people in positions of power prevented, and still prevent, anything being done to really help these people. Those in positions of power also block any attempt to look into this.
      So the victimizers? The people in positions of power in Maui and the Federal government.

    1. Same thing happened in paradise city in California 5 years ago, in Canada Alberta ( land grab for sure) we (the people need to unite against them before it’s too late!!🙏

  8. 2000 children!!! What in the actual f@!!! I am so sick of not hearing about the truth. Thank you for covering what you can of this compete disaster. This is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. Praying for the people of Maui 🙏

  9. I’m so thankful that someone can still report the truth. This whole mess just makes me sick. It’s as bad as what happened to the indigenous Indians. There is nothing natural about this disaster as it was all planned, 100%.


    1. And here we set divided…. Don’t take this wrong, I’m completely with you, but at least half our population will blindly follow the gov.

  11. Thank goodness there are independent, courageous and honest journalists like you, who bring the truth to the world! Thank you. My heart goes out to ask the victims of Hawaii

  12. Man, I’m from Sydney, Australia. And this is an absolute travesty!! Soo many children missing! So little talk from the authorities.. I SMELL A BAD RAT!!

  13. There is definately something very wrong with what’s happening in Maui….those people need help and no one is stepping up. Pray for Maui.

  14. That was immediately my first thought when I heard the numbers…. 2 thousand missing children but less than 200 total reported dead..? Sent home early from schools..? What happened to the kids?! This needs to be investigated OPENLY by teams that are NOT affiliated with the government. We need real accountability, not 15,000 classified pages and an official narrative meant to pacify. Enough of this red-tape and ‘restricted information’ crap, these are children we’re talking about

    1. The number of perished is higher we believe, also many left back to main land, local children went to other Islands with family, and many are being homeschooled

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