UPDATE! Missing Children + School Bus Mystery | Maui Massacre

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  1. Hey you guys, I’ve wanted to post on Recks vids but the comments have been so overwhelming. I lived on Maui, I left in 09, still have many loved ones there going through this all first hand. The missing children and buses stories going around YT are very misleading. As of right now 191 children haven’t enrolled in other schooling, there are parents in Lahaina fighting for some sort of schooling back in Lahaina because they don’t want their kids on buses for up to an hour and a half to the other side, many are opting to do home schooling and yearly due to the high cost of living many people leave the Islands and don’t notify the school their children will not be attending the following school year. Within those unidentified or accounted from there are probably families with children who passed. The buses were used to evacuate tourists the day after the fire to the airport to leave the Island. The no photo zone was lifted yesterday, many believe it was first started to stop people from getting photos of possible dead bodies before family notification and very poor transparency from a very untrusted government on the Islands. Many of the stories have very rational explanations but have gotten twisted, the reason some houses didn’t burn was there are many new construction and newly renovated in areas of very very old homes that could withstand the fire better and the more expensive areas have better access to water to maintain property leaving other areas extremely dry. I hope you and the newest addition are doing well, you look amazing!

  2. I wonder how many people are asking if the missing school children in relation to trafficking. I hope more than anything that that’s not true. but masses of children go missing mysteriously 🙁 My response to why they don’t put it on the news, I’ll say they know what they’re doing

  3. thank you crys for this reaction. i do believe its big corp that want to turn this part of that island want to turn that part of into a tourist area .

  4. Do your research first to gain a better understanding of things, the scale, of what happened. It gives you confidence in being able to address and discuss the issues discovered. I’m from Australia, I’ve been following Maui fires from day 1, & your government issues since Biden took up office. I know more about your country’s affairs than I do my own. We’re in a divided mess here voting whether to give our indigenous people a voice. Our little debate session pales in comparison to the deception, and destruction of the American peoples trust, so we are grateful our issues are minimal. Australians will always challenge anything that threatens the equilibrium of the country as a whole. America has always been divided by race & religion. It’s why there are so many problems your country is dealing with but have faith. We (the rest of the world) are behind President Trump for 2024. Let’s hope we see brighter days, transparency, and honesty for your troubles but beautiful nation ❤ from Australia

    Hey forget researching, just ask reckless. I subbed you both.

  5. I know some schools and other companies just don’t update their webpages. If errors are made they aren’t corrected, or at least not immediately. You’d also think the press would be talking to parents who are enraged they can’t find their kids. This all seems like what we did the Native American Indians. The native population of Hawaii has been in a decline for years, average wages plummeting, they’re trying to deliberately destroy the native Hawaiians in my opinion. Lot of people involved I suspect.

  6. I love your hair lighter …your so pretty you and your family ! GOD BLESS love watching you both! And God Bless those children 😢

  7. The whole thing in Maui is so scary and so mysterious and I really hope if it was purposely done that the people responsible will be brought to justice. I do feel so bad for all of those people!!!!

  8. I also agree with you about Oprah’s reaction! Wellllllll??? That’s how she starts….it seems like such a flat reaction with no emotions. But that’s just how I feel anyways. It appeared as if she just couldn’t think of what to say. I would say it’s shock, but that would mean she cared in that case.

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