Update on Maui fires, over 1000 children MISSING! According to schools! 3months are & no body count

ACCORDING to all official statements I've been able to locate i have not found any that corroborate each other! There is still no body count and they have wrapped all burnt down neighborhoods WITH 8 FOOT PRIVACY FENCES, Banned all Drones, And are not letting residents in to search for remains of family members, or property. NOTHING IS COMING OUT. THEY ARE Locked down good and Tight in there.


  1. All the missing children is horrifying. Even if their parents died in the fire, where are the aunts and uncles, grandparents, and family friends searching for the children? Were they just told the children died? Things do not add up.

    1. If you watch the timestamped footage of the cameras showing children the really bizarre comings and goings of the school busses on that day, THEN the DISAPPEARANCE of the busses. I Will see if I can find that FOOTAGE.

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