AMBER ALERT: Elijah Vue Missing in Wisconsin; Press Conference

URGENT COMMUNITY ALERT: The Search for 3-Year-Old Elijah Vue Continues

On February 20, 2024, an Amber Alert was activated in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, following the disappearance of a young boy, igniting a community-wide search effort. Nearly a week later, the quest to find Elijah Vue remains relentless, amidst distressing developments involving his mother and a male acquaintance now facing child neglect charges. Here is a comprehensive update on Elijah's case:

Disappearance Details:
Elijah Vue, a 3-year-old boy, vanished on the morning of February 20 from the 3900 block of Michicot Road in Two Rivers, near Lake Michigan's shores. Last seen wearing grey pants, a dark long-sleeve shirt, and distinctive red-and-green dinosaur slip-on shoes, Elijah's disappearance prompted an immediate call to action from the Two Rivers Police Department.

Background Information:
Elijah, originally from Wisconsin Dells, approximately 150 miles away, was under the care of Jesse Vang, the partner of his mother, Katrina Baur. Baur sent Elijah to Vang for "disciplinary reasons," a decision now under intense scrutiny. Allegations have emerged of Vang's harsh disciplinary methods, including prolonged standing and cold showers, intended to "teach the boy how to be a man."

Arrests and Charges:
Katrina Baur, 31, and Jesse Vang, 39, have been arrested following Elijah's disappearance. Baur faces charges of child neglect and obstruction, with her bond set at $15,000. Vang, with a history of child abuse among other offenses, is also charged with child neglect, his bond set at $20,000.

The Vue Family and Community Response:
Despite limited contact with Elijah since his infancy, the Vue family, alongside local volunteers and multiple law enforcement agencies, is deeply involved in the search efforts. The community's unity and determination have been a beacon of hope in these trying times.

Search Efforts and Public Involvement:
The search for Elijah encompasses local rivers, landfill sites, and widespread community areas, with the involvement of the FBI, state, and local law enforcement. Authorities urge the public to be vigilant, looking for any sign of Elijah or his belongings, including a red and white plaid blanket. A $1,000 reward is offered for information leading to Elijah's whereabouts or the apprehension of those responsible for his disappearance.

Scams and Misinformation:
In light of recent scams exploiting Elijah's case, Two Rivers Police Chief Ben Meinnert warns the public to remain cautious, emphasizing that any legitimate updates will be directly communicated by official channels.

How You Can Help:
Anyone with information is urged to contact 844-267-6648 or utilize the local Crime Stoppers app P3. Your vigilance and support are crucial as the search for Elijah continues. Together, we can bring him home.

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