AMBER ALERT: Missouri City 12-year-old missing for six days may be trafficking victim, police say

An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday for a 12-year-old girl reported missing in Missouri City last Friday and Houston Police now believe the young girl may be a victim of trafficking, a department spokesperson told KPRC 2 on Wednesday evening.


    1. But they were so quick to issue an amber alert when that funny looking white girl went for a walk with a sex offender, that her grandparents let have regular access to her.

  1. A 12 y/o takes a walk at 10pm at night and is going out at 1 am? Hope she is ok but this is something missing here and i wouldnt even be able to talk if I was her mom. Give her strenth

    1. mother saying she doesn’t know better?
      sounds like momma aint taught her better,maybe momma a bit stupid too.
      even a 9 yr old in California knew to scream nonstop.

      at that age i even knew how to fight back to a certain extent, sure i couldn’t veat an adult up but I’d make them question if im worth the time,effort and ruckus.

      she was either ignorant as hell,or as the saying is close to,young ,dumb,and wants to be full of cu- you understand…

    2. I know, it’s bizarre and she’s a known runaway who’s done this before. Something is not right with her family.

    3. Yes!Isaid the same thing what parent would allow a 12 ur to walk at night she wouldn’t be walking alone during the day time!!😮

  2. This is sad and heartbreaking. It just seems like these kids now are so bold. Back in the day no one had cameras and phones to track you but Lord just the fear of what my parents would do was enough for us. They didn’t play around and I’m the same way with my kids. The whole neighborhood was neighborhood watch so if we tried to leave someone saw you. Now we have all this technology and parental guidance just not the same. Not blaming the mother but it’s just strange for a 12 yo to feel comfortable walking outside late at night in the first place. Praying she returns home safely 💕

    1. I’m with you !! There ain’t no way I would let me 12 year old take a walk at night!! We even lived out in the country and I still wouldn’t allow it. My kids wouldn’t even want to.

    1. Her mama said on the news that she was the boss and she was running things that tells me she was doing what she wanted to do. Acting like an adult leaving the house at 10:30 at night going for a walk when she needs to be in bed for school in the morning. Any can check me if I’m wrong.

    2. @@teresawaits3219 absolutely sad I mean how an 12 year old child going to run my damn house no way not happening.The mother probably just didn’t need any children many don’t im just been honest ❤️

    3. @@user-ow5xk6eh8b just saw on a news report where she is on a dateing app why would a 12 year old be on a adult platform. Sad o my God

  3. It’s a lot wrong with this situation. The little girl is 12, with weave, make-up, acting grown on social media, and allowed to go outside after dark at 1030p for a walk AND on a SCHOOL night? C’mon now REALLY?!?!, looks like the parents need parents! This is ridiculous!

    1. @@teresawaits3219 that’s you taking her words too literally. Of course a 12 year isn’t literally bossing around and running the household.

    2. @@user-dq7rx6jp6t shes 12 in the 6th grade not 22 or in highschool…she’s too young to be wearing all that stuff…thats what it has to do with

  4. People have said she looks older, but not to me. That sweet little face looks like a little kid.
    Praying she comes home safe.🙏

  5. Im praying to my heavenly father that whomever picked this baby up that this person or person’s return her home to her loving mom and family safely and sound thank you Jesus 😢 🙏🏿🙏🏿😢

  6. She ran to that truck as she was expecting them. I don’t have a good feeling about this. Houston is notorious for sex trafficking.

  7. Im soooo sorry but I Have 2 girls that are young Adults now and I would Never Ever let them go out of My House at 8pm alone when they were 12yrs old and I didn’t play none of that Run away stuff either because I put the Fear of God in my Children to let them know all the things out there in that Jungle and i apologize I’m not trying to Blame MoM here either but please let’s try to illuminate the cycle ….Im so Angry with this story then it takes 1week for an Amber Alert for a 12yr old Regardless if she’s a known RunAway …..,,,and Why is she running at 12yrs old now what the Hell is going on???

  8. That child was secured inside her home. There was absolutely no reason for her to leave! She wasn’t forced out. She left on her own free will. The question is why?

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