Joslin Smith | More people join search for six-year old girl who has been missing for a week

It's been a week since six-year-old Joslin Smith went missing from her home in Saldanha Bay. Joslin Smith's mother reported her missing after she returned from work and couldn't find the little girl. Police say the child was left in the care of the mother's boyfriend. An integrated police task team, community members and several organisations are involved in the ongoing search.

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  1. I just cannot deal…So heartbreaking…We need to find this little girl…Lord please let Joshlin return home safe and unharmed. Please Lord, she is an innocent little girl…😥😥😥

  2. Kelly Smith’s boyfriend should tell us the truth- Where is he? … Where are the police dogs (sniffers) … Check the Backyard guys cause he could have did it in the same manner they did Palesa Madiba😢..Kelly Smith didnt seam distraught in that last interview 😭 …

    1. @@maviskaseni I agree 😭… I asked someone if she /they used drugs and the person said Kelly did but she is/was clean & rehabilitated… as for the BF we are not sure 😭.. But I fear the worst – she should have been found by now …hate that I suspect them both and I could be so so wrong

    1. The boyfriend must know where she is. Ai why didn’t he go to work. So the mom must work for the loafer and look what has happen

  3. That boyfriend of the mother knows something. Question and cross question him please? How could he left her knowing shes sick, upon return only find Joslin is gone..???? Come on…..

  4. If the boyfriend was taken and interrogated with questions, we would know by now what happened to the child…

    Sending my hugs to the mother and Praying for the child’s survival🫂

  5. Boyfriend knows something…Questions like had the boyfriend en the child how was they relationship with each other was there any tension between them…He did’nt even go look for her because he was tired thats bullshit he know something man

  6. The mother’s boyfriend knows where the Child is and l’ve got afeeling that he raped the little girl and killed her but the million dollar question is where did he hide the body😢 eshi its fustrating

  7. Police take that boyfriend and put pressure on him How far can a little girl go Whos that boyfriend Why is he not questioned The police must pull up their socks I also have daughter’s and this makes me angry🤬

  8. Corbin August. You seem like a “promising journalist”…but perhaps don’t ask the leader of the search what their NEXT MOVES are and WHERE THEY ARE GOING TO SEARCH on LIVE TV?? Do you even watch tv? You think this isn’t the most obvious place a perpetrator would try to find out who knows what? Jeez, well done you chop.

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