Migrant children are missing from U.S. homes

Thousands of migrant kids have disappeared from their U.S. sponsors' homes, finds investigation by Scripps News and Center for Public Integrity.



  1. It is all part of the parents plans. They just do not disappear in such large numbers. The parents know where the children are most likely. They have a meet up point or told where to go to. There is a plan. We need to find out what the end game plan is. Something evil could be part of the end game plan.

    1. @@chrisbeck7266 maybe you should turn off msm and start researching….. 😂 you’ll learn alot. This person is correct they’ve been trafficking kids in these places for decades. Wakey wakey sleepy head.

      There was a senate hearing with a major person that works for these “homes” and her answers about these kids was disturbing. She admitted that some of these kids were working for companies for free and some of these kids were like 10 or 12 years old. Plus she admitted to a couple other things that was also disturbing.

      You voted for Biden didn’t you? Your hair blue? How many Cv vax and boosters have you had & do you still wear a mask?

    2. @@chrisbeck7266 wow! Chris, sounds like stacey is more of man than you’ll ever be. at the very least she is concerned, you don’t give one F about none of them. a shame your parents couldn’t teach you be a better person.

  2. Most of these (almost adults) have a responsibility to the people who paid for them to get here , they are here to work and send money back , eventually what we will start seeing is , many of them living together in a very small space , (10 in a 1 bedroom apartment) so they are not spending too much on living expenses . I have seen it first hand where I was living .

    1. The child labor trafficking at a all time high and rich people are above the law and they don’t want to pay Americans

  3. There is more to this than we are being told. I believe that there is a lot of child trafficking in the US. I also believe that people in high places and in trusted positions are involved. I believe eventually it will all come out and we will know. And we will weep for these children. They are in the custody and care of the US. We must investigate this issue and not stop until we have answers.

    1. The Biden regime is the involved in human and fentanyl trafficking. They are an evil regime worse than N Germany.

    2. Considering the DNC has opposed secure borders for decades says something
      the DNC medias 24/7 attacks on Trump prove my point
      They have started up again just like 8 years ago

    1. Blame the executive order Biden signed his first day in office allowing unaccompanied minors to LEGALLY cross the southern border. That should have been alarming to the American people but nobody cared. Now, almost 4 years later after 100’s of 1000’s of innocent children have had horrific unimaginable things done to them. Its happening right now, at this very minute, these poor kids are going through stuff we csnt even fathom.

  4. A lot of these children cycle back and forth across the border. They’re used for accompanying single men to make them qualify as a family. I think the coyotes come get them and recycle them .

    1. That is 2018. Today single adult men can just walk in. The children aren’t needed. I suspect it’s child trafficking. TONS of cash to be made by peddling young flesh. Sick but I’ve heard such things happen. A lot. The gov’t folk get their *cut* I suspect …

    2. @@goldieyesgods tragic, but yes, it does make sense. The whole thing is a very sophisticated operation facilitated by the UN and being taken advantage of by the cartels. I don’t think any of it is what it looks like on the surface, or what the narratives say it is.

  5. I would hate to think that something more sinister is at play here. Reporting a “runaway” doesn’t mean they actually ran away. What if something else is happening. What if the sponsors are selling the kids or abusing them ?

    1. EVERYONE! Please watch “Sound of Freedom” if you havent seen it! And pass along, this has got to stop, there is ZERO excuse not to save Children!

  6. The sponsor homes should be held accountable for these children. Return them to their homes if they won’t comply. Form a task force and get answers. Sponsor homes should be ended if the program is not safe.

    1. The gov shld be held accountable for them they’re liable for them as well as the almost 1m every yr tht vanish in America that are citizens smh it’s only gotten worse since 2020 they been finding em in Democrat run states working 3rd shift thousands of them the storys from kids tht grew up in the system tht were trffkd I am one of em cps did it to me all for revenue it’s sick n insane and I got lucky I was a fighter others were more manageable so they’d be taken to places u dint wanna go a couple times week nobody wld talk about it openly but yea resident assistants etc getting hit for smex crimes against the kids placed there u already imagine what else is happening it’s real bad n it needs to end cps has done it for decades plural they rebranded whej caught when I was in it in 90s and just cont’d their crap it’s so bad they have cont’d to get away w ths

    2. @@eyes2c..519 So sorry to hear you went through such horrors. With all that time gone by, you’d think that they’d improve their system. This negligence and abuse towards children needs to stop.

    3. @4riversgd  if ppl wld stop helping facilitate it but they’re paying some ppl 3k n up a day to keep these kids like what depends on the level of care they need as to what they get plus food ins etc money for gas taking em here there clothing allowances etc it’s wild fr and when they getting pd tht kinda money they’ll do whatever they’re told n believe what they’re told to I’ve seen kids placed for yrs w ppl they try adopting right then the system has an issue w them kids living there why is tht they’ll lose the revenue for sd kid it’s sick how deep ths corruption cps needs ended for good

  7. Working without a work visa is illegal. These children do not qualify for citizenship when they work without a work visa. This should be common sense.

    1. People are really sick to stick to the word “illegal”. You really don’t see that the elites don’t care about laws. Laws are for the people not for the criminals

    2. Common sense to us. Not to the children.
      Children should be in school. Not working. These kids came to work because US farms and other companies have always taken them. Because they were cheaper. Now it’s because few will work the farms.

  8. This has been happening for years. Last year there was an article and video detailing thousands and thousands of missing migrant children. It was at least 25,000, I remember it was a very large amount of children. Jesus would not want this and that’s something we as Christians need to remember.

    1. 85 THOUSAND since biden took office and counting , . the exact reason biden refuses to close the border . with an open border they no longer have to import kids from other countries . MORE PROFIT

    2. Lutheran social services says its all just fine, and add in catholic charities. They bring the illegals in

  9. We’re being taught to care about migrant kids, while giving up our own to foster systems and grandparents. Smart.

    1. Well that’s not right their kids and they’re here it’s not like sending billions to Ukraine and other places 😢wheres your heart and what if that was you or someone you knew,?

    2. @@repenteverydayeverybody8957 You’re right. We should care about these kids too, but the original poster is most likely referencing the fact that about 100,000 American foster kids vanish each year. Most people only ever hear about those kids if they’re foster parents or they work in schools.

    3. @@repenteverydayeverybody8957 your comment is falling on death ears, these people are not real Christians, they just hide behind the bible to commit their atrocious behavior with children, and let’s not forget that they support the monster that has been to EPSTIENS ISLAND 7X, let that sink in on who they are. But no worries! 81 million votes is more then 73 million.

  10. This is very troubling. No, only for these children but US children period. The protection of children has failed here.

    1. Don’t make that statement least you have the facts or you will start a wildfire. Many times in America we are not told the truth about age of the Teenagers and we do not know if they came in already Military trained. We have how many Sanctuary cities in America now?

  11. 2 years it over 800,000 I got a feeling it’s in the millions many of America’s children have been missing for many years wheres that conversation at?

  12. It’s called human trafficking. They told you all hundreds of times sponsors aren’t vetted and people go missing. You all laughed. In New Mexico human trafficking is out in the open as businesses and the government not only refuses to do anything but acknowledges it when confronted.

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