Missing Audrii Tied to Rock ‘Swirling’ in River, PANTS FOUND at RIVER’S EDGE

More details are emerging in the death of 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham. Police reveal that the girl's body was tied on a rope which was then tied to a rock.

Today, Nancy talks to the searcher who found the body's location using sonar and reveals that some of the girl's clothing was found on the river's edge. 

Also, hear from the Exxon clerk who called 911 after recognizing that Don Steven McDougal had been a customer.  

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  1. They went on family vacations together. They basically gave this monster a pass to all access to their child. It’s up to us as parents to protect our children.

    1. The grandma had custody and was in charge of Audrii when the dad worked out of town! The grandma took Audrii on trips with him, not the father. The grandma’s house, custody and rules. Just saying!

    2. For sure he’s tried to touch her before, but as an 11 year old, she’s too little to understand how to protect herself.


  2. The image of the poor little girl’s body swirling around with the current as she’s Tethered to a rock that’s lying on the bottom of the river is pure nightmare fuel

  3. Here is the problem Nancy…in my undergrad as a psychology major it was drilled into our heads that sex offenders can NOT be cured!! They can NOT get better!! So why in the heck are they getting out of jail?? Why in the heck are they still worried about the sex offenders reputation and the consequences to their life??!! They don’t get better EVER so they should not get out EVER PERIOD!

    1. They let them out because democrat soft on crime policies. The judge who let him plea out over & over should be charged. The judge who didn’t require him to register as a sex offender should be charged. Then maybe we will start seeing judges uphold their moral & ethical judgements not just policy. This was facilitated by the judicial system in a Democrat area. A time bimb waiting to go off. It really disgusts me. How was the Dad or Granparents supposed to know this was a child predator? Dad made horrible judgment of a person to choose as a friend. If the Dad knew then yes he should be charged. The Dad should also still be investigated thoroughly until we know more about Dad. I will not say this Dad should be charged too. He will forever have to live with knowing his friend choice brutally took his child from him. A man the Dad apparently trusted for som very sad reason.

  4. When are the laws going to be changed, so that no judge or parole board can come along and say “ you can go now, but you have to be a good boy”? These predators will always be predators, and don’t deserve a second or third chance.

  5. Thank you Tim! Not only for finding her but for being brave enough to relive your own pain to help others. A true hero

  6. He brutally murdered Audrii. He did unspeakable things to this little girl before she left this earth. The horror and terror she went through. Heart broken.

    1. Absolutely horrible. He groomed that innocent child and spent countless time with her, with the full knowledge of the closet adults in her life. In the mother’s text messages which were “secret” at the time, communicating with that monster he told the mother “she (Audrii) wouldn’t tell” if he arranged a secret meeting that she wasn’t legally allowed. The mother said they started communicating approximately 6m back. He groomed and formed a relationship with that child and lord knows…


    2. Maybe he deleted some of the messages from the mother and showed them to Audrii so it was easier to take her out there

    3. ​@@woodyssnake8562I belive that’s what he did to show her so she would go with him thinking she would go see her mom now that little girl was looking forward to that so sad.

    4. @@iselahuerta6935If that’s what happened, what a true nightmare. 😞 Thinking she was going to see her mum and what a horrific thing happened instead. 😞 I don’t want to know … but also feel it’s a duty as an adult to know what happens to children so we can all of us be vigilant, and try to help and protect the children we know, even tangentially. 💙💜💛🧡

      Be happier and cherished in a better place, Audrii. I hope and pray that this is so. 💔🕊

  7. Tim Miller is a freaking HERO. The absolute sheer tragedy this man went through and instead of letting it turn him bitter, he used it as motivation to help other families. ❤❤❤ I absolutely ADORE him.

    1. He is definitely a true blessing to help all these poor parents/families that loved one has disappeared! Angel on Earth!

    2. I actually have meet him and his whole organization, we live in the same town here in Texas….he has helped so many cases come to an end and victims able to be found. Amazing man and Organization…

    3. @@mindofmatter071 I’m so jealous! I’d absolutely LOVE to meet him! He is such an inspiration, and a good example of what a wonderful human being looks like, even despite the pain he has been through. ❤️ I just adore him!

    1. Parents are brought into plea deals… They have a say! They just have to Not be Scared and Stand up to the criminal and say…. No this is how it’s going to go!

    1. This child confronted hell before she departed this earth.
      I’m so sorry, Audrii. You did not deserve this. 💔🕊

    2. I guess she’s better off now than being in this life with her neglectful evil parents. What the he’ll was going on with the father having this evil dude around. I can’t even listen to this.

    3. This poor baby was probably used to this guys presence and not scared of him until he did the unthinkable. We likely will never know🙏🏻💙💜

    4. @@txgal6855 There’s a video going around of her creating a tattoo on the man’s thigh. (Don’t know if it’s been pulled). Some have called this grooming behavior. I agree, there’s likely no way to know how she felt about doing that or if other things happened before the last day. 😞
      Can only hope and pray she’s in a happier place now, loved and cherished. 💔🕊

  8. Not registering as a sex offender should never be excused with any plea deal. Whoever did that now has this blood on their hands!

    1. They do this all the time to save money that our tax dollars pay for. Rest in Jesus arms beautiful little Audrii 💔🩷🤍😓🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    2. I have a feeling that even if he HAD registered, Aubrii’s Dad & Family probably STILL would’ve allowed this demonic chester to be alone with and have access to this innocent little princess 😢 The family should be held responsible for the part they played for the blood is truly dripping from their hands. Rest peacefully, Princess Audrii 👑 🙏🏼 💖

  9. The father should be held accountable with child endangerment, neglect charges that caused death to a child pr something it was only a matter of time with this man’s prior charge

  10. I fear this child was already being regularly abused by this man if he was living on the property and spending time with the family. It is absolutely devastating. It is sickening.

    1. Yes and I feel like she had threatened to tell or he felt she was going too. And that’s why he was in communication with the Mom. He wanted it to seem like she took her

    2. I think he spent some time warming her up. I think he seen her kindness as she was in love with him, and I think the night before she went missing he made his move and she freaked out and didn’t respond how he thought she would and he snapped and raped and murdered her

  11. Nancy, I agree 100%! Texas has no right bragging about their penal system 🤬 It is beyond despicable that this man had the opportunity to put his hands on Audrii.

  12. there was a video where the girl is tattooing her fathers arm, what parent does that?? The father and grandmother need to be charged for not protecting this child by harboring a sex offender

    1. I met her years ago at a book signing. She said I looked like a friend she knew. But when she signed my book she noted “Friend”. I love her. She is an amazing lady! ❤️❤️

  13. Thank you Nancy for not letting Andy off with his, “he’s the reason we have the death penalty”! You’re a wonderful advocate!

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