Missing Children | Search for Joslin Smith continues

The search continues for a six-year-old girl from Saldana who disappeared on Monday. Joslin Smith is a grade one pupil. Police say her mother kept her at home because she was not well, and she was left in the care of her mother’s boyfriend. When she returned home the girl was missing and the boyfriend was unable to account for her whereabouts. Courtesy #DStv403


  1. Child at the age of six should be looked at after every one minute. Negligence shouldn’t be ruled out for this case

    1. ​@@jasonMB999his right! If the child gets hurt because a care giver is not watching them ,straight to jail, its neglect (unless it’s an unforseen accident)

  2. Not South African mothers, but parents in general. Mothers and Fathers have to leave their kids with someone when going to work.

  3. in reality of south africa,if a child is missing so long it means their 90% chance being dead or 10% chance being alive

  4. 😒😒😒😒 why are people still leaving their children with boyfriends

    1. You know what we don’t love our kid’s bcz the mother of the child is working and the man is not working the woman of today are so desperate for getting the man that is going to love them bcz we are so jars what is wrong for staying without a man and raise your kid’s alone especially for a man who’s not working I blame the mother my kids come first I don’t care about the man

  5. Its easy to say, dont leave your child with your boyfriend or do background checks. If your child is feeling sick on Sunday and u need to go to work on Monday, when are u going to do a criminal check. Before judging people, look at the circumstances first.

  6. her mothers boyfriend is the one that knows what happened to her, wake up this boyfriend is responsible for her disappearance , don’t believe his story of lies
    The lady that said what can you do when a child is sick 🀒 take her to woman not a loafer man to look after, you hear stories every day small kids gets molested , this boyfriend is not the father, of thr child z the mother is to blame for having such a loafer no good , and to leave her child in his care, Red flag

  7. Not every women has the financial means. Every company wants money. We dont all live in glass houses. Some live in the real world.

    1. Then find solutions, there must have been a neighbor that could have watched her ,the bottom line is DNT LEAVE YOUR KIDS WITH BOYFRIENDS, how many kids have to die before women start to become mothers, we say we will give our lives for our kids but we wnt even give one day of work , if your child is sick your employer cannot fire you. Look now how much time is she taking off from work?????? Magically the company can have her off so many days??? Or she has lost her job……..AND HER CHILD! rather put your child first whatever that means. Can hussle through life with your child, instead of supporting a grown man. You wait till your kids are grown before you start dating and bringing strange men around your children they ever learn!!! Im so sick so it!!!!!

  8. The boyfriend should be held accountable,as in every case when a wife or husband goes missing the spouse is the first to be held accountable same applies the boyfriend should tell the mother what he did with the child as his the last person and likely the suspect

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