New details revealed in investigation of missing 3-year-old boy

The mother of a missing Manitowoc County boy appeared in court on Friday.

Elijah Vue’s mother, Katrina Baur was in court Friday, Feb. 23., for a referred charge of child neglect, according to Manitowoc County Clerk of Courts.

Jessie Vang, who was the last to see the child is facing the same charge.

The probable cause documents in the case are sealed — but parts of them were read in open court on Friday.

“She intentionally sent that child for disciplinary reasons for more than a week to the residence,” Jacalyn Labre, district attorney for Manitowoc County said."She was aware of the tactics used and the lack of care provided. This was an intentional thing by her."

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  1. Mom was out of town I think they should check where Mom was. I feel like he isn’t so close to home. I have so many questions about this case. My heart is broken for this little boy. Sending prayers he is found ok🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    1. Spot on. She’s lying. He’s covering. She knows. And they’ve been searching in the place she lied and said she left him…why would anyone believe this woman!? That story is pathetic…probably should check all routes to the Dells. That baby is not in that TR.

    1. I wonder if the mother didn’t sell the child for drugs? I’ve heard so many horror stories about what happens to kids these days, nothing surprises me anymore, and hers is a pathetic excuse as to why her child is not with her. NO matter what the circumstances are, we can only pray this child will be found alive and safe.

    1. @jeanettecoleman-mz7ie sorry if i sound sexist but why do some women after they get custody of their children move so far away from the ex’s family and when they cant watch the children they have no family of the children close by to drop them off to babysit? I am speaking from personal experience.

    2. It’s much easier said than done. First, it’s expensive. Second, there are currently FAR more children in American orphanages than there are “people who want them.” Third, in some states, family court won’t LET you give up your child just because you want to do so. (I mean, there has to be some reason, even if it’s made up, that the court will buy. You can’t just say it’s too late to flush it down the toilet so you’re giving it to the state. No matter what forced birthers would have you believe.) So, 9 times out of 9, most people who don’t want their kids are legally stuck with them for eighteen years. Also–“giving the little person” away can also be presumed by family court to be child neglect. Particularly if you get caught, say, trading him for a case of beer.

    1. @@user-xk4do9ex2fyeah. Too many people are sympathetic to these kinds of monsters. Only reason to report comments about what these demons deserve.

    2. I can’t believe they have the ability to bond out. They probably have drug money stashed. No bond should have been allowed until they share Elijah’s whereabouts. I’m afraid they harmed this poor baby. This smells as fishy as Casey Anthony’s story.

  2. Please lord bring this sweet little boy home show the search groups where he is playfully he is alive when found ✌️🙏

  3. Ok, take this man to a quiet room and bring in someone who has experience ‘getting information out of people’….

    1. @@insidethesquaredcirclewith9797 Technically, this guy was the last to see the child. But yeah, I’d like to see the mom get hers.

  4. What the h*** kind of discipline does a 3 year old need?? This is just wrong in so many ways. You dont send your child away for ‘discipline’. There are many ways to get help if you cannot cope with parenthood.

    1. For a WEEK! A three year old cannot remember anything longer than 3-5 minutes ago. Punishing a 3 yr old child 2-7 days after doing something wrong has zero effect. That’s the most ridiculous story anyone has passed off as an answer to where her toddler was…it’s a flat lie. And a stupid lie …

  5. Sent a baby away for a week to some man’s housd for disciplinery reasons???? What the heck does that mean????? Why can’t “that man” tell anyone where the baby is???? That poor baby must have been terrified

    1. If you think the mother doesn’t also know where the baby is you’re either not very bright or looking for a reason to blame a man only for this missing child

  6. I am still praying this child is found alive, but the more time that goes by, the worse the odds are…😰😢🙏

  7. I’m so tired of these monsters hurting the children. Why can’t the justice system keep them locked up once they catch them?

    1. I do too. When I first heard the details, my heart sank. I pray they confess soon and that searchers find him

    2. For some reason so called parents are murdering babies because babies act like babies. If they can’t handle how a children act then all they have to do is give the child up! Take the baby to a hospital or firestation. Thats it! But instead they beat the child or starve the child, etc! This crap needs to stop. Legislation needs to be made for the protection of children. This is becoming too common!

    3. We all know the answer. Its a recovery at this point. So sad. 2 hands working do more than 1000 clasped in prayer.
      Lets hope the feds find him to charge those monsters. No telling what that little boy went thru.

  8. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you do not want your child anymore, please give it up for adoption… tell authorities that you cannot parent them, they aren’t safe with you anymore, and then give up your rights. We have heard so many of these tales, where people think they can lie and get away with disposing kids they don’t want.

    1. Easier said than done. In the first place, giving one’s child up for adoption costs a lot of money. Second, the adoption agency goes through the criminal background of whoever wants to give their child up. If you have an extensive criminal background, particularly violent crimes, guess what? You get to keep your own kid. A legitimate adoption agency will not work with you. So if you’re poor, a felon, and a drug addict, you really have no choice but to keep the kid and resent the hell out of him or her. This is something most well-meaning forced birthers simply don’t understand. Why abort when you can just have your kid and kill it later? The very people who want to give up their kids simply can’t do so because they’re too poor to go through the process. Pro-life, indeed!

    2. Um, if you turned your child over to authorities, and said they weren’t safe anymore, it wouldn’t cost you a single penny! They would then take the child, and put it in the foster system. You thought I meant going through an adoption agency?? Do you think someone that is thinking of literally killing their kid would take the time to go through an agency? And when kids are under a certain age, you can drop them off at any hospital. No questions asked. There is literally no excuse, and it’s weird to over complicate my comment.

    3. @maxalberts2003  It literally is that easy. If you told the authorities that you were thinking about harming your child, and the child was not safe with you anymore, they would then remove the child and put them in the foster care system. You wouldn’t have to pay any $. Pretty crazy that you thought that I meant going through an adoption agency. Children get fostered to adopt…all the time. You honestly think someone that is thinking about harming their child would take the time to research and go through an adoption agency? 🤔
      Also if the child is under a certain age, you can drop them off at any hospital no questions asked and they will take the baby. There’s actually no excuse, it is that easy, and it is wild that you would try to come up with an excuse for that type of behavior

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