Police suspect missing Houston-area girl could be victim of sex trafficking

An AMBER Alert was issued Wednesday, Feb. 28 for 12-year-old Eminie Hughes. She has been missing since Thursday, Feb. 22.


  1. It seems as if the Houston Police Department may have dropped the ball by not releasing the amber alert much earlier. Hopefully, this young girl is found soon.

    1. Unfortunately if they suspect the child being a runaway they hesitate to issue a Amber Alert in some states and most cases. She’s a black girl so that played a factor as well.

    2. That’s exactly what it is. That little girl that was found last week was all over the news even here in Nevada. This child needs the same exposure to help find her but she’s black and it took 6 days to issue an alert. Ridiculous

    1. Idk what she said that…. Doesn’t help a missing persons case! Looks more like a runaway by saying that. Police have something maybe text messages or IG info to call her a missing person and put out a amber alert.

  2. I believe kids should not get a cellphone until 16yrs because they really are not responsible and easy access to predators😢

    1. Same reason why some parents give them phone because so much predators out there and want to have that line of connection with their child.

    2. @@iloveschicken6527 EXACTLY! My daughter had a cellphone at 8 years old because she was an A honor roll student and her school was always wanting her to participate in activities. Therefore, I wanted us to be able to reach each other at all times. BUT it only had talk and text on it. She didn’t get internet access on it until sometime in middle school.

    3. And some don’t need them at 16. I had to take my granddaughter phone cause she was meeting different boys quote men on social media she didn’t know. How dangerous it is. And she is 16.

    1. Facts. I thought it was okay to a certain point, but this shows no. My kids will not have social media until they are 18

    2. They don’t care. They don’t want to parent. They wanna make it easy on themselves so they let their kids do whatever they want on social media without supervision.

  3. Father please bring this baby home without a scratch on her in the name of of your son CHRIST !!!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  4. Wow….”She runs everything”. May be one of the reasons she was able to leave her house alone at 10:30 pm😢

    1. @@MsJ1970s yes I totally agree with you and believe me this is so sad and heartbreaking to me. All of my children and grands are grown but I worry so much about them and pray for ALL OF US daily. But a 12 y/o, allowed to come and go as she pleases? Something is definitely wrong with this picture. Peace and Blessings to you.

    2. This is why the statistics are so bad because parents allow these girls to do whatever the hell they want at young ages. No actual parenting or supervision is occurring.

    1. @@zhenren9703maybe parents should be watching their children at night, why would anybody be out at dark? Who likes being in the dark? They’re best indoors under the watchful eyes of mother and with no access to Wi-Fi

    2. @@zhenren9703yes creeps shouldn’t be creeps but that ain’t the world we live in always gona be creeps ! It’s our job to protect our kids . No one else’s.

    1. @@zhenren9703the mother has blame . No kid should be on social media at 12 . Second what kind of mother let’s there kid out alone at 10:30 at 12?

    2. @nativenation11 that’s what I picked up on when her mother said “She runs everything”. Then I understood why she was allowed to leave the house ALONE at 10:30 pm😢

    3. @@MandyAliens exactly! Creeps and danger are going to exist everywhere all of the time! it is the parents responsibility to raise and protect their child.

    4. Exactly. As adults, especially as parents it’s our responsibility to secure our home. 10:30pm isn’t that late for a mom to not be monitoring who’s going in or out of her house.

      This is terrible. For all we know the mother could be in on it. She could have told her daughter to get in that truck because it was someone SHE knew.

      Because this seems very odd for many reasons.

  5. Parents, please keep your eyes on your children ❗The predators are watching them in real time and on line ❗

  6. She is only 12. What grown man would want to buy her 😢 God please come back we need you 🙏🏾😭

    I hope she is found alive and brought home. My fear is this story ends like the rest. I’m so tired of this.

  7. The sad thing is, the police took a week for them to put out the Amber alert and most likely just started looking for her. I hope she’s still alive. This issue of them waiting a week because she ran away has to change. She is a child that got lured by a predator. They need to make an alert for runaways. Their lives are in danger no matter if they chose to leave on their own.

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