Public urged to stop spreading false information on missing child Joslin Smith

Children's rights group Missing Children South Africa is pleading with the public to stop posting misleading information about the missing six-year-old girl, Joslin Smith. This comes after posts on social media claimed that Smith’s body had been found. The little girl went missing from her home in Saldanha Bay almost a week ago.

National coordinator for Missing Children South Africa, Bianca Van Aswegen explains.

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    1. @@Papito_ZA I don’t want to share false information from my knowledge she has been sober for a long while now.. So no she doesn’t do drugs.. I don’t know about the bf..

  1. Remember Palesa Madiba? S.A.P.S was told where the friends uncle stashed her body …. This lady has too much hope in the police.. All leads should be followed , never trust the cops .. NPA and SAPS will fail us

  2. What must we as public say in this evil and cruel society we live in, its very sad, pdople are so evil our children are not safe anywhere anymore, cannot even play outside

  3. Why isn’t police questioning the boyfriend I don’t understand the mother already gave a glue by not answering when the reporter ask about the boyfriend

  4. Cushion her, oh Lord, with your divine protection. Since you know where she is and nothing is hidden in your eyes, let your mercy not leave her sight. You brought Jonah to the surface from the depths of the sea in the belly of a whale, a hidden place where no human can reach. Do the same for Joslin. Let her body, life, and soul be spared from harm, danger, and evil. Be her shepherd, her light, her salvation, and her protector. Shield her Lord from the reach of danger. Do what no man can do. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Hear this prayer oh Lord.

  5. Paedophiles, abusers, child rapists, killers, drug addicts, parent’s and boyfriends, where’s the child? Who left her with boyfriend??

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