TN Endangered Child Alert: Update on search for missing Hendersonville teen | Feb. 27, 2024

TN Endangered Child Alert: Update on search for missing Hendersonville teen


  1. My son is autistic…..this case is odd to me because they don’t like changes…… son loves when school is over for the day so he can be home…….if something scared that boy he must be hiding in fear………they love to hear water running or moving……..

    1. I hope they’re looking into his social media and his gaming accounts if he has them for message boards

  2. If the child is autistic go check all of the bodies of water in the area. Creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes and boat ramps.

  3. I wonder if he saw a stray cat outside and followed it until he was too far away and couldn’t remember how to get back. He’s probably stuck in fear mode rn, I hope he is found soon. I cant imagine how confused he is😞

  4. Jesus Christ please touch this situation and bring the truth of what happened and bring him home . We give YOU all the glory and honor and power and Praise for all who have worked to find him .

  5. Prayers they find him , i have alot of questions ! How was he able to get far with noone noticing? And other questions.. 💜💟

    1. I DONT understand why when things like this happens they don’t call E.S. immediately!!!! They have found enough kids to be creditable in searching !!!!

  6. My autistic granddaughter is an escape artist. We change up locks, alarms and stuff, but she still gets out periodically, especially early in the morning. She is fast when she decides to go. Fortunately she goes next door and knocks. We put up a 6 foot fence in back to keep her in (for now). Barefoot wouldn’t be unexpected either. Keeping shoes on her is almost impossible.

  7. I have been praying for this child ever since it was announced he was missing. I am so worried for him. It is getting below freezing tonight. Lord please let this child be found and safe.

  8. I’m in GA, can anyone share a video link to the information? I would be happy to share his picture and information locally!!!

  9. HE could be in Millersville, Greenbrier, hitch hiked to KY or a locals property.
    I’m just confused why 2 days were waited to start looking to find this kid who has medical needs, was outside in the dark with a flashlight on Sunday on Long Hollow Pike alone from what the radio said?

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