1. This channel would’ve ruled the Harmony Montgomery case with views had you only left comments open. Nobody watched the local case on the local news for this very reason. Let people discuss things on your channel or your channel will cease to exit. Your Facebook comments are open and it’s ALWAYS a nasty place yet you always close YouTube…🤔

    1. Maybe because people like you use it as opportunity to talk about how their channels could get more views versus the actual problem at hand which is two missing kids and as for harmony a DEAD kid. You’re coming off very gross.

    1. @@alesiap.6062 Yes! They were fine! But they probably saw what he did to their mother 😥! And now they have no parents because that guy is a selfish p-ick! I hope the kids will be ok and they get a home with lots of love because they are going to need it!

    2. @@KandanceMiller-cy6lu Yes the kids were ok! But who knows what they saw the night before

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