2 Cold Cases That Were Solved In 2024

Today we take a look at Cold Cases That Were Solved Recently.

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17:13 Kelle Ann Workman

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Cold Cases Solved In 2024 Playlist:

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  1. Idk how it took 3yrs for the law to catch up with the scumbags in the first case! The 67,000 in stolen cash was enough to prove they were the maggot’s responsible 😡😡😡😡

    1. That’s exactly what I was wondering. I mean the matching serial numbers alone is more evidence than a good third of cases have in total and still go to trial and win convictions lol. What were prosecutors waiting for? To find a video of the entire crime from start to finish on surveillance ? Hosted by Robert Stack? Complete with creepy theme music and commentaries by retired lawyers and detectives taped in the late 80’s?
      Lol I almost suspect even that wouldn’t have clued in law enforcement

    2. 3 years?? I thought they said it was 8 yrs before they were arrested??? Either way, it seemed pretty obvious from the get-go, but probably couldn’t find enough evidence to prosecute. Hard to believe it ever was a “cold” case when they had the matching serial #’s to the thousands of dollars of the victims in their possession, their spending habits with no real income to support it, etc.

  2. 8 fkn years to “figure out” who killed those people!? Really? Do people really wonder why crime is so bad these day’s? The most obvious cases take years to “solve” so why worry about being caught, just do what you want and not worry about the law figuring it out! Pathetic

    1. If I were a cop, and I took a case to trial that was lost because some piece of evidence was disallowed by the judge, or the lawyer put enough “reasonable doubt” into the jury, I would be super angry that some scumbag got to walk the streets again. And given double jeopardy, it’s not like I could get another crack at putting the perp into jail. So I’d be getting every piece of evidence, every test done, all that stuff just to make sure I have such overwhelming evidence that my case succeeds in getting the right people into jail.

  3. Why do they continue to persist with Polygraphs when its obvious that they are not reliant either way which is why they aren’t allowed to be used as evidence in a court of law

    1. I know right. I suspect it’s used primarily as a means for investigators to gage how the person reacts to the whole idea of taking the test and take note of any signs of excessive stress or nervousness or worry. Basically, I think it helps law enforcement decode whether or not they wanna invest more serious time into the person or move on to the next potential suspect.

      For me though, I tend to get freaked out by cops and courtrooms and detectives in general lol, and I am positive I’d be the most guilty – looking innocent person they’d ever seen lol. I would need the best attorneys to convince a jury of my innocence based on the hyper nervous breakdown I’d launch into upon simply seeing the judge enter the room lol

    2. They’re not for court, it’s to stress out the suspects and see if they agree or refuse to do it. Some perps confess when told they failed the polygraph, because they have no idea it’s all ho hum

    3. It’s to make people nervous so they crack. The act of being hooked up to a “lie doctor” can be enough to get an admission to guilt in some people. Even if the actual result of the reading aren’t usable.

  4. “They almost got away with it… ”
    and they WOULD HAVE gotten away with it too, if they hadn’t been such meddlesome kids! @17:07

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