4 Strange Missing Persons Cases!

4 Strange Missing Persons Cases!

► Join Steve Stockton as he discusses 4 Strange Missing Persons Cases!

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  1. The police haven’t asked businesses for footage after someone reported seeing Paola being pushed into a car? Really? Honestly that is frustrating.

    1. My guess is that the sighting was not considered credible by the police. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t have requested the footage anyway, just to be sure.

    1. Bigfoot the cannibal stories say they are that way . But I do feel for the families for these poor people that’s just vanished in to thin air

  2. Makeyla appeared disorientated or that something was on her mind prior to her disappointment someone may well have taken advantage of that

  3. I think that maybe whoever Mekayla was meeting knew where the cameras were at. That could suggest he’s familiar to the area or he just makes a point of knowing where the blind spots are, which seems nefarious.
    It does sound like she was trafficked. Maybe she told this guy she had $5000, so he told her to bring it when they meet and why she was trying so hard to get some money? Did he get upset when she didn’t have it and become violent or was the money just a bonus on top of the human to traffic? After cameras tracked her everywhere the 1st time It seems pretty unlikely that the 2nd time she left the school that she wouldn’t be tracked at all.

  4. The one with the lady and her dog being found in the car was heartbreaking. That dog followed her everywhere, including heaven. ❤️

  5. My X wife had an uncle that left to go to the store , and was never seen again, his wallet was found on a cruise ship nearly 2 years later

  6. Michaela was having trouble with a boy, had a friend called ‘Christopher’ tries to book a hotel room approaching a stranger to do so. Prior to that, she told a friend that she needed help. She then disappears….I hope she will be found, this is a very curious case. ❤

  7. That poor girl in case 2 breaks my heart. If kids only knew that high school doesn’t last forever and if they can just stick it out, it DOES get better.

  8. With Courtney’s case… her car was found already with the plates missing.. how did she end up in a different vehicle? And so far away? They said no foul play!? That doesn’t make sense…

  9. That has to be horrible to go through, having a loved one missing & not knowing what happened to them. My heart truly breaks for people going through that. I hope these people get answers. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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